Marilyn Honikman

​Memories of black South African soldiers who bore arms and fought in War II

A filmmaker spoke to black South African World War II vets who told of being armed and fighting at El Alamein.

The preserve of those who know their zest from the rest

“Oh dear! Bought marmalade. I call that very feeble!” Maggie Smith’s character, the Countess of Trentham, says in Gosford Park.

Growing smarter

Reading has become popular at Belmor Primary School

Hunting the ‘Mmm’ factor in olive oil

My first taste of an olive oil to savour came unexpectedly. Our old chartered schooner dropped anchor in the bay of Panormitis on the Greek island of Symi in the late afternoon. Baking against the arid hillside were a monastery, an olive grove and a rudimentary taverna, just a kitchen with a grapevine pergola to shade the tables, writes Marilyn Honikman .

Coming of age

You've gone grey, a long-time friend said looking at me in embarrassment. Perhaps he thought I had gone grey overnight. Not so. My silver-grey head of hair was 20 years in the making. ''You should talk to Jenny; she does something to her hair every week,'' he told me.

‘We won’t advertise in your commie rag’

Former <i>Weekly Mail</i> advertising executive Marilyn Honikman recalls flogging ad space in the early days of the newspaper.

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