Marlowe Hood

Climate chief pleads for ‘high-level’ push on Kyoto

New talks on global warming have ended with the UN climate boss calling on leaders to resolve the fate of the Kyoto Protocol before the Durban summit.

Cellphone use may cause cancer, says WHO

Cellphone users may be at increased risk from brain cancer and should use SMSing and hands-free devices to reduce exposure.

Sharks get hammered at UN wildlife trade meet

The UN wildlife trade body slapped down a trio of proposals on Tuesday to oversee cross-border commerce for sharks threatened with extinction.

Thousands march for tough action on climate change

Tens of thousands of activists demanding a planet-saving climate deal blazed a path to the door of the UN talks on Saturday.

Climate talks: First blows struck over deal

Major players fired the first shots in a three-way battle on climate change on Friday, wrangling over a document proposed as the blueprint of a pact.

Copenhagen scientists slam ‘Climategate’

Negotiators and top scientists at UN climate talks on Monday slammed the theft of emails from experts at a British university.

What’s to become of the Kyoto Protocol?

Whether to tweak, bolster or bury the Kyoto Protocol has become a red-hot issue as UN negotiators try to lay the groundwork for a successor treaty.

UN climate chief hails Bangkok talks

UN climate talks in Bangkok are the most constructive since the 2007 launch of negotiations, the climate chief said on Wednesday.

Pressure mounts for breakthrough in climate effort

Key meetings unfolding in the coming week may determine whether a two-year effort to combat climate change will triumph or be written off as a flop.

Top UN climate scientist backs ambitious CO2 cuts

The UN's top climate scientist has given his personal endorsement to hugely ambitious goals for slashing emissions.

Tanning beds are carcinogenic, says WHO

Tanning beds now rank alongside cigarettes and asbestos as a top-level cancer threat, the World Health Organisation's cancer research agency said.

Web-only papers? Don’t junk the presses just yet

More than a half-a-dozen newspapers in the United States and Europe have gone "web only" in the past year in a bid to stave off bankruptcy.

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