Matuma Letsoala

ANC: The media is ganging up on us

ANC cadres in government can expect a media training course to help them counter "escalating ideological and political attacks" against the party.

Blame game after flawed Limpopo tender mess

Limpopo official Benedicta Monama stands accused of irregularly signing off R230-million worth of water projects.

Blight of the second term haunts Zuma

As the ANC and the state lock horns, some in the ruling party are peeved that Cabinet is leaving them in the dark on vital policy issues.

‘Boko Haram’ make a bid for Limpopo

A report warns that an ANC faction, disbanded by the party, aims to make a return in the province.

Cosatu show of strength isolates Zwelinzima Vavi

Support for the trade union federation's ex-general secretary seems to be waning and his allies splintering.

Labour officials told to cough up for defying minister

Refusing to bow to political pressure and put Ceppwawu under administration is costing officials in the labour department thousands in legal fees.

Blade slams ‘neo-liberal’ media

SACP general secretary Blade Nzimande says SA is no longer a colony and applauded the government for not arresting Omar al-Bashir.

Paranoid Cosatu fears disruption

Eight rebel unions who sympathise with Numsa and Vavi are working with them to try to force a discussion about the transformation of Cosatu.

‘Business unionism’ the cause of Cosatu’s factional battles

Cosatu's ally, the South African Communist Party, blames Cosatu's debilitating divisions on their extensive inverstment portfolio.

Blade to print media: ‘Be a nice profession’

SACP general secretary Blade Nzimande said this week that it was time for independent regulation of the print media industry.

ANC: ‘There must be an alternative way to fund Eskom’

The ANC and Cosatu have welcomed the decision not to grant Eskom a tariff increase.

SACP: Our Zuma mistake

The SACP, regretful it created a cult around Zuma, is heading for a tripartite alliance meeting divided over what position to take.

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