Mosibudi Ratlebjane

‘Switched’ baby burial in limbo as DNA test disputed

Zim couple Definite Chivanga and Tawanda Mutsvene still refuse to believe the infant who died after an alleged hospital transfer was theirs.

Buried by a weight of indignity

A traumatic tangle of red tape awaits families of undocumented migrants who die in South Africa.

Zim couple suspect baby switch

A couple who believe their newborn baby was switched for an infant who died at birth is reliant on outside help for an independent DNA test.

How ‘black tax’ cripples our youth’s aspirations

For young South Africans supporting extended families, the pressure of finding tuition money adds another brick to their staggering financial burden.

Legal happy ending eludes ‘those people’

It's been a 15-year wait for a law reform report that may decriminalise prostitution and lobby groups are campaigning to move sex workers to safety.

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