Nicky Willemse

E-tracking marine predators to protect Southern Ocean’s rich feeding grounds

Scientists from a number of institutions collaborated to collect data on 17 marine birds and mammals such as penguins, albatrosses, seals and whales in the ocean around Antarctica

Coding without computers reaches thousands of learners

“It was the opportunity of a lifetime for some of our kids … allowing them to explore a world of programming and the creative use of technology.”

Programme multiplies pupils’ success

A maths and science incubator run by Nelson Mandela University is producing promising results

Two exhibitions link Mandela and art

The artworks build on and questions the legacy of Nelson Mandela

Cooking home food for Mandela, the ‘ordinary man’

He was a loving but strict grandparent

Mandela archive as a living system

The existing Mandela biographies don't tell the whole story

Why the HSRC and NMF came on board to support TIMS

Madiba will be used as a prism, through which modern problems can be viewed

A conversation to frame Critical Mandela Studies

Mandela the social figure of justice requires greater 'excavation'

What does it mean to be a university named after Nelson Mandela?

Unique colloquium introduces Mandela studies at Nelson Mandela University

Mandela, the Merc and the making of stories

Two films about Mandela's car come to different conclusions

‘Why I decided to call my brand MaXhosa’

Designer Laduma Ngxokolo has kept his family together in his business

Nelson Mandela University studies Madiba to transform society

The institution looks at how it could become an academic expression of Nelson Mandela and live out the social values he stood for

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