Nuraan Davids

Academic activism is key for democracy

South Africa’s universities have an important role to play as they overcome legacies of inequality

Citizenship can’t be taught in a module

Universities have an ethical duty to cultivate safe and inclusive spaces of recognition and respect

Army must uphold constitutional values

The charges against Major Fatima Isaacs are another example of how liberal democracies try to prescribe Muslim women’s dress code

Make democracy come alive at schools

Our schools have policies for citizenship education, now they need to provide the contexts necessary for democracy to thrive

Active citizenship, a social contract, Islam and democracy in Egypt

Since the Arab Spring, Egypt's fledgling democracy has regressed. Now the country needs a new social contract

Educate for democracy in Africa

Africans can become citizens by acting democratically and claiming their identity

Embrace the ecological university

It has an ethical concern to help people coexist and to understand each other and society

There are better ways to deal with school violence

Traditional school punishments do not work – cultivating care and compassion is far better.

New voices in science in 2012

Stellenbosch University PhD students rose to the challenge of presenting their research findings in entertaining ways for a general audience.

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