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Paul Harris

No evidence that torture helped search

A debate over the use of torture techniques to interrogate terrorist suspects has broken out in America in the wake of the killing of Bin Laden.

Is Trump the most bizarre presidential candidate?

With incendiary comments on Iraq, Libya and Obama's birth, the property tycoon has livened up the Republicans' search for a 2012 candidate.

Gabrielle Giffords’s remarkable recovery

When US congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head in January, few thought she would survive.

Eliot Spitzer: Wall Street’s fallen angel

While the "Luv Guv" became a laughing stock, have we lost the one man with the experience and tenacity to take on the financial giants?

Cyber sceptics query Facebook values

US academic leads intellectual backlash against online communication and social networking.

PJ O’Rourke: The rightwinger it’s OK for lefties to like

The writer is angry, as his new book makes clear. His rage is leavened with the wit that has won him friends on both sides of the political divide.

BP faces new storm

building up in the Caribbean and out over the Atlantic, threatening to disrupt the effort to clean up the BP oil leak.

In one New York bar, soccer seemed America’s game

In Pete's Tavern, USA's World Cup draw with England stirred passion -- but don't expect America to fall in love with soccer.

Debra Medina, new star of America’s right

Debra Medina of the Tea Party movement is making a Sarah Palin-like impact with policies stressing property rights and gun ownership.

A sexy saga of Facebook’s birth — but is it fantasy?

A book about the beginnings of the popular social networking site, which now has more than 200-million users, is set to hit American bookshelves.

Palin’s Alaska vendetta adds to McCain’s woes

Nothing typifies the plight of John McCain's campaign more than the roller-coaster ride of his vice-presidential pick, Sarah Palin.

Election pendulum swings back to Obama in Ohio

Sarah Palin may be making all the headlines but in Canton, Ohio, it has always been about the economy.

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