Paul Harris

Who will play Hillary Clinton in new biopic?

Forthcoming movie about likely 2016 contender's early life is already causing controversy.

Obama vows to close Guantanamo amid hunger strike

Barack Obama has promised to take action to close the controversial prison camp at Guantanamo Bay.

Good-looking Jesus actor makes Bible a surprise TV hit

Critics have been stunned by the success of a History Channel drama appealing to millions of churchgoers.

Bittersweet memorial for Aaron Swartz

Mourners exchange fond memories and angry calls for justice.

Mitt Romney’s ‘fiscally frugal’ running mate

When it came to the biggest decision of his run Romney defied his stereotype as cautious politician eager to please an audience he's speaking to.

How Obama’s gay marriage statement changes the presidential race

President Obama's statement on gay marriage could be decisive in bringing energy to his re-election campaign.

Anti-Kony activists gear up for next phase of action

US based activist organisation Invisible Children have promised to remain relentless in spreading their message about Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony.

Gay Republican bucks party’s conservative trend

Fred Karger will certainly not win the Republican nomination, but he has made history as the first openly gay candidate to run in the race.

Brutal battle looms for Romney

Republican frontrunner faces dirty tricks and a 'bare-knuckles' contest in South Carolina.

Granite State win likely for Romney

Impressive poll results reveal that the Republican is way ahead of his fellow election contenders.

Rubble turned into memorials

When the twin towers collapsed they created hundreds of thousands of tonnes of rubble and debris.

Contractors cash in on war

The terror attacks have led to an explosion of military contracting firms raking in billions.

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