Paul Stober

BEE for the lucky few

Concern about the concentration of black economic empowerment (BEE) deals in the hands of a few big players is set to increase after Standard Bank's announcement that it will be selling an effective 10% of its South African banking operations to Safika Holdings and Millennium Consolidated Investments (MCI), among others.

Cabinet: Stirred not shaken

Stirred, not shaken, is perhaps the best way to describe the Cabinet. Although there has been a shuffling of portfolios, key ministers from the former Cabinet remain in the national executive and many of the government’s policies and programmes are going to remain essentially unchanged, other than for degrees of emphasis.

‘We lack real power’

The government has political power, but not enough influence on the mechanisms of the state to turn them into real tools of social and economic development. This is a crucial finding of the government's 10-year review of the first decade of freedom released on Thursday.

FW de Klerk’s three lies

Top secret documents reveal that FW de Klerk lied about South Africa's nuclear programme, reports Paul Stober.

Bop defiance put on hold

The ANC has deffered the issue of political activity in Bophuthatswana to the TEC rather than risk a masscare -- or upset negotiations with the FA.

DP nominates blue collar candidates

The Democratic Party has put Hougton's Tony Leon on top of its list of nominees for the national assembly.

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