Peter Beaumont

Netanyahu backtracks on rejecting two states, but damage is already done

Binyamin Netanyahu’s contradictory statements on whether or not he supports a two-state solution are so at odds that they are hard to reconcile.

Israel’s elections: Tight race between Likud, Zionist Union

Israel goes to the polls on Tuesday after a snap election called by the prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, at the beginning of December.

Netanyahu’s fate hangs in balance

Polls suggest that the embattled Israeli leader could lose power in next week's election.

Phone transcript reveals Sara Netanyahu rant at political rival’s wife

Sara Netanyahu, the wife of the Israeli prime minister, has been thrust to the centre of his election campaign after the release of the transcript.

Protocols that bend at ethnicity

Palestinian teen Malak al-Khatib confessed to throwing stones but it seems she was intimidated.

Israeli finance minister condemns settlement plans in East Jerusalem

The Israeli government's plan to build housing units in parts of Jerusalem that Palestinians are demanding for their own is the first of a series.

US bigwigs blast Netanyahu as ‘chickenshit’

Stinging remarks by US President Barack Obama's officials have added fuel to the United States's row with Israel.

Israelis choke on reality of two states

The latest poll reflects what appears to be an ever-diminishing appetite for a two-state solution on both sides of politics.

Ban Ki-moon takes on Netanyahu

Israel's plans for settlements in east Jerusalem are a 'clear violation of international law'.

Israel starts probes into war crimes

The military has launched several investigations, despite NGO claims that the process is flawed.

To flee Gaza or not is a tough choice

The decision is a difficult and complex process of weighing up competing safety considerations.

Bomb ends innocent game

Journalists in Gaza City watched in horror as the Israelis killed what were clearly young boys.

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