Peter Beaumont

Bomb ends innocent game

Journalists in Gaza City watched in horror as the Israelis killed what were clearly young boys.

Thousands evacuate Gaza after Israel’s threats

Hordes of Gazans have fled their homes following Israel warning that it would "strike with might" against what it says are rocket-launching sites.

Gaza bleeds and counts the dead

Brutalised civilians recall the horrific toll of the last Israeli invasion and fear it will happen again.

Barghouti’s release would ease the Palestine stalemate

Fadwa Barghouti says her husband, Marwan, would stand as president and push for a two-state solution if granted his freedom by Israel.

The lessons of our past cast a long shadow over Syria

Public opinion, like old generals, is always preparing to fight the last war.

Morsi’s detention just compounds Egypt’s political crisis

Egypt's first democratically elected president was overthrown on July 3 after mass protests. Since then, he has not been heard from.

The top-secret death of ‘Prisoner X’

Outrage sparked by new twists in the case of an Australia-Israel citizen who killed himself in prison in Israel.

Shocking rise in Syria’s death toll

Human rights commissioner reveals blood-letting is a third more than previously estimated.

Are drones any more immoral than other weapons of war?

The central issue with drone strikes comes down to how combatants are identified and what efforts are made to protect civilians.

Death knell for Syria regime as China, Russia turn on Assad

There is no place for President Bashar al-Assad in any future Syrian government, diplomats say, as Russia and China agree to transition plan.

Dehumanisation of victims is a useful trait

Atrocities such as the killing of children become an ordinary act of violence with a sectarian component.

Serbia captures Ratko Mladic

Serbian police have arrested Ratko Mladic, the Bosnian Serb military leader wanted by the UN for war crimes committed during the Bosnian war.

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