Prega Govender

Call for tougher action on sex pest teachers

Most culprits get a light slap for dismissible offences, some of which are criminal.

‘Atheist’ bid to ban school religion

Six public schools are going to court to defend their right to promote the Christian faith

Four universities face law degree closures

The CHE, an independent statutory body established by the Higher Education Act, last year reviewed the LLB at 17 of the country’s universities.

Unions slam plans to ‘outsource’ exams for tens of millions of rands

Teachers are unhappy with the department’s plan to build a repository of ‘high-quality’ questions.

NGO seeks order declaring adherence to one religion at schools as unconstitutional

OGOD has been battling with the schools since 2014 when its founder tried to interdict the schools from advertising themselves as Christian.

Schools have to pay fee exemptions out of their own pocket

Compensation from provincial education departments is a pittance while schools grant hundreds of millions of rands, depleting their budgets.

‘Teachers will baulk at tests’

It is a lost cause unless the department can show how the results will help educators

Basic education department can’t afford breakfast

It is exploring the idea of asking more food manufacturers to provide poor learners with a morning meal.

Good morning, !gâi llgoas, ni hao ma

Mandarin, Nama and French are being introduced to schools to boost pupils’ prospects

Baby steps to decolonise schools

Central to changes in the curriculum to reflect African realities are history and languages

​The Swazi and Mozambican migrant scholars of Mpumalanga’s border towns

Children rent rooms in South Africa so that they can get an education – and a meal a day.

Northern Cape project gets boys switched on about sex

According to Gopane, the programme initially targeted girls only but extended its scope “because girls don’t fall pregnant by themselves”.

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