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Budget 2019: EFF and DA detail key issues for Mboweni to prioritise

Opposition parties have added their input ahead of the presentation of the budget speech

Cape Town private property developers on a ‘civic capture’ crusade, say residents

​Concerns are growing in three Cape Town communities that developers are muscling into local associations to get them to approve development plans

Bo-Kaap ‘fights off capture’

A property developer has been accused of co-opting a youth group in the Cape Town suburb

As rivers run dry, Day Zero strikes Eastern Cape’s villages

Severe drought and a struggling municipality means some people drink from muddy puddles

Slice of life: I was inspired to be an activist

'Here in Joza we are treated as children of a lesser god. I won’t leave because if I leave who is going to take care of the youth?'

Sona 2019: Thuma mina, again. Please?

It’s an election year. The president knows he is effectively asking the nation to trust him to lead the nation again

Special NPA unit to deal with Zondo commission evidence to be set up

The NPA will soon have an investigating directorate to deal with graft allegations which have emerged at the state capture inquiry

Election date announced

South Africa will head to the polls in 90 days as announced by President Ramaphosa during his Sona speech

EFF will decide on Sona disruption plan — Shivambu

The red berets will caucus on whether to allow President Ramaphosa to deliver his speech without incident, says the party’s deputy president

NPA admits to political interference in prosecutorial decisions

The NPA has denied that it played any role in delaying the prosecution of apartheid-era crimes, but concedes politicians interfered in its decisions

Makhanda’s thirst caused by inept officials and misrule

The town can’t afford to fix trucks to deliver water and mismanagement forces people to walk long distances to collect the precious resource

The botched investigation into Rwanda’s murdered spy chief

The Karegeya family is concerned about 'meddling' in the South African investigation

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