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IEB matric results: Pupils achieve 98.30% pass rate

With a pass rate of 98.30%, matriculants who wrote the Independent Examinations Board examinations can surely end the year on a high note.

IEB matric results: 98.38% pass rate and 14 900 distinctions

Students who succeeded in the IEB National Senior Certificate (NSC) examination achieved a 98.38% pass rate, and all qualify for tertiary study.

IEB boasts increase in 2013 matric pass rate

The Independent Examinations Board matriculants of 2013 have achieved a pass rate of 98.56%, an increase from last year's 98.2%.

Real versus virtual play

Parents need to manage their children's relationship with technology carefully.

Children are what they eat

Giving children healthy food will improve their attention span and also make learning easier.

Homework is for children

Parents who do it for them deprive learners of a chance to develop life skills.

IEB matric pupils boast 98.15% pass rate for 2011

Matriculants who wrote the Independent Examinations Board matric exams in 2011 can begin the new year on a positive note, boasting a 98.15% pass rate.

The ABCs of good discipline

Parents need to understand their children and anticipate their needs in order to discipline them effectively.

Find the right balance

It's possible for mothers to run a home and family successfully, while working full-time

The hidden evils of cyberspace

Easy internet access comes with a set of challenges, such as online bullying and harassment, writes <strong>Sameerah Karolia</strong>

Job-hunting: the skills you need

First-time job-seekers face a daunting task and need all the help they can get.

Teach kids value of money

Saving and budgeting should be learned from an early age, writes <b>Sameerah Karolia</b>.

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