Sean O Toole

South African artists taking over Chicago, Bonteheuwel style

The city has long had a fascination with South African jazz — and now with its visual artists

Dale Lawrence’s work refuses oblivion

In an art system committed to emphatic figuration and digital evanescence, aspects of Dale Lawrence’s work can seem slightly outmoded — cool, but retro

Open City Film: 8 films, 3 days

Joan Legalamitlwa, the curator of Open City Film, knows that films deserve seated respect, not nose-around-the-corner sniffing at

Why place matters in celebrating Jo’burg’s club history

The history of clubbing in Jo’burg is less about physical space and fading memories, but about the sheer, frightful necessity of dancing

Matthew Krouse’s ‘mid-career retrospective of a no career’

An exhibition of Matthew Krouse’s underground films reveal an agitator awed by the tradition of ‘dirty queens’

Extract from ‘The Journey: New Positions in African Photography’ — an introduction

A new book examines the great flourishing of photography across the African continent

The Portfolio: Mário Macilau

Mozambican photographer Mário Macilau uses performance and play to expand the meaning of his work

Rhode’s canvas: Westbury walls

An edited version of the essay 'Broken Wall: Robin Rhode’s Theatre of  Place' from the book 'The Geometry of Colour' (Rhodeworks/Skira)

Senegalese artistic heritage gets a home

Conceived in the 1960s, shortly after independence, Senegal’s new Museum of Black Civilisations has finally been completed

The South Africans in Paris make most of ‘Being There’

Despite a major exhibition of art from the tip of Africa, post-apartheid painters are still largely ignored

All’s fair in art out of Africa

Sales are up due to the neo-neocolonial raid on contemporary art from the continent, thanks largely to the growing popularity of global art fairs.

Jettison the idea of a SA national pavilion in Venice

Sean O'Toole suggests taking a few pages out of Egypt's book and venture something brave for SA pavilion rather than big empty ideas.

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