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Architecture: A scarce skill monopolised by whites

The alarm has been raised at a congress for architects over stats revealing that only 24% of built environment professionals are black and 9% female.

Leist’s book of photographs: ‘Another Country’

Along with an exhibition, photographer Reiner Leist’s new book of photographs "Another Country" explores signature portraiture.

This is the work of a revolution

Strike and class struggle subvert the "warm and fuzzy" story of workers who decided to make a car for Nelson Mandela.

Rebuilding South Africa’s cities of the future

City planners are using smart design, creative technology and community feedback in their attempts to reformulate the apartheid city.

Paparazzi bang-bangers shoot from the hip

Renegade photographers Juhan Kuus and Fanie Jason open up about their days of visceral and paparazzi-style lensmanship in South Africa.

Venice revels in its imaginary friends

South Africans made their presence royally known at the Venice Biennale — behind the scenes, on the scenes and in a new permanent pavillion.

Umhlaba 1913-2013: Primeval snapshots of our lost and stolen worlds

From Hugh Exton’s portraits to images of Marikana, an exhibition that remembers the Land Act also pays tribute to socially conscious photography.

Expedition cycling: Extreme yoga for adults with wanderlust

In 'Freedom Rider' Kevin Davie, an ­endurance sport enthusiast and business editor of the Mail & Guardian, writes about life on the road.

Interrogating the lingering shadow of faith

Works of art that concern themselves with various aspects of religion have proved to be popular with people who do not normally visit art galleries.

Documents of fictionalisation

The Loom of the Land shows South Africa through the eyes of more than 20 artists, but the exhibition’s politeness may leave art lovers unsatisfied.

Obituary: Colin Richards (1954 – 2012)

A gifted artist and mentor guided by moral demands.

Money rules an art scene left to its own devices

The ANC has asserted itself as a party interested in art. Being a disciplined and hierarchical structure, work has been apportioned by rank.

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