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Buildings with humans at their heart

South Africa’s architects may be low-key at Venice but their designs are helping correct social injustices

The ANC now shops on Sundays

The doctrine of the ‘broad church’ is increasingly giving way to Darwinian politics

Story of South Africa’s first black Olympians keeps us guessing

A single image shows Len Taunyane and Jan Mashiani took part in the 1904 marathon but it cannot tell their story.

Zapiro’s hurdy-gurdy a no-go show

Colonial tropes still haunt our racially divided society, writes Sean O'Toole.

Migrants: Unexpected guests trapped in time and space

The outsider has always held a fascination for artists and writers, helping to shape our view of those who exist in a state of perpetual transition.

Brett Murray: Small on penises, big on satire

Kicks and pricks aside, can Brett Murray's work ever be read ignoring the brouhaha his Spear painting caused? The short answer: Maybe.

When art and the Bible meet, nothing is sacred

By vandalising the holy text, two South African artists have created a new interpretation of it.

How selfies are changing the way we see ourselves and the world

Even funerals and pilgrimages are falling prey to the compulsion to self-snap, writes Sean O’Toole.

Monstrous shades colours perceptions about role of art

A new sculpture that neatly aligns commercial interests with art and our history has the twitterati frothing about apparent opportunism.

Zooming in on Namibia’s fashionable, young OvaHimba men

Photographer Kyle Weeks’ portraits offer a reconstituted view of the OvaHimba as participants in modern and independent Namibia, writes Sean O'Toole.

The fine art of moulding the essence of cities

Architecture, design, innovation and toilets swirled together in separate international initiatives in Durban and Cape Town.

Liza Lou: Knee-deep in SA’s paradoxes

Working on conceptual projects with traditional beadworkers in Durban has led US artist Liza Lou to re-evaluate her own naivety and hubris.

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