Sisonke Msimang

Can South Africans be friends across ‘racial’ boundaries? Yes and no.

Young black South Africans have been raised to believe that friendship across the races is an indicator of progress. Now, they are questioning this.

My journey of reading women, writing as a woman and growing a wide heart

Growing up, I was taught that reading was the key to life. Now I read to write.

Me, the Uber driver and Ali

The Uber driver and I both had ­smartphones and the app, but that did not mean that we ­inhabited the same world — not by a long shot.

We eat what we like … or do we?

Mama, back from exile, opened a pan-African restaurant but new elites wanted Western food.

A hard-hitting analysis of South Africa’s deepening malaise

Justice Malala argues that South Africa faces a governance and leadership crisis, rather than an economic crisis.

Student protests give South Africans a glimpse into hidden lives

Student protests, as well as an unrelated clash between lawyers, have offered a chance for the country to hear voices that are usually marginalised.

Zille-Ramphele split more dignified than protracted ANC spats

It matters a great deal that the partnership between Helen Zille and Mampela Ramphele dissolved so quickly, writes Sisonke Msimang.

AU’s attack on the ICC ignores the suffering of women

If the AU is serious about dispensing justice it will fast-track the long-mooted African Court of Justice.

Judicial equity rests on gender parity

The focus of transformation in the judiciary has been almost entirely on race and sexism has been ignored, says Nomonde Nyembe and Sisonke Msimang.

Mandela: The man who taught me how to lead

Madiba is lauded for his contribution to the recognition of black people's dignity, and for guaranteeing the human rights of sexual minorities.

Riah Phiyega is right – gender matters

Riah Phiyega has endured sexism as police chief, but she lacks the requisite management skills and should therefore resign, writes Sisonke Msimang.

As long as we exist, we will be raped

Anene Booysen's rape will happen again. She was raped and mutilated because she was a girl, and they wanted to destroy her, writes Sisonke Msimang.

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