Sonri Naidoo

Are unions still relevant to workers?

Trade federation Saftu’s recent conference has revived debate about whether unions represent the plight of workers or their own ambitions

Victorious Vavi back on Saftu throne

The general secretary of the South African Federation of Trade Unions was re-elected despite moves by the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa

South African Federation of Trade Unions membership numbers decline

Saftu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi says the dwindling numbers are a result of the economic crisis and other factors

Trevor Stuurman on leaving home to come home

The contemporary visual artist has created through his designs a piece that shows home is a place of belonging

Nathaniel Julies’ mother frustrated that murder trial has to start over

Bridgette Harris says it’s unfair to relive her son’s death for a second time in court

Russian ambassador says South Africans have misunderstood the Ukraine invasion

Russia accuses Western media of spreading misinformation on war

Eskom warns of possible load-shedding in winter months

Besieged power utility cites deficit between demand and available capacity

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