Suraya Dadoo

Calling it a ‘conflict’ helps to sustain Israel’s occupation of Palestine

Because Israel is an occupying nation, Israeli violence and Palestinian resistance should not be portrayed as equivalent

Israel’s war on the truth

The government’s spokesperson has posted tweets and videos that have nothing to do with the current conflict with Palestinians

US ‘brokered’ agreements on Israel: Wind of change or toxic blast of extortion?

The United States is negotiating with African countries that will see them exchange Palestinian people’s rights for improved economic and trade conditions

Jo’burg festival shines literary light on the youth 

Although book festivals are generally perceived as adult events, this one is family-centred and includes specific programmes for children.

Gaza protesters keep pushing boundaries

As the first anniversary of the Great Return March approaches, Suraya Dadoo spoke to Ahmed Abu Artema, the man behind the weekly protests

Withdrawal of academics from conference shines spotlight on boycott of Israel

Israeli academics’ silence in response equates to complicity in the illegal occupation of Palestinian land and life

Yemenis’ blood is on SA’s hands

Despite the evidence of Denel’s missiles being used, the country is still fawning over its Saudi benefactors

New manifesto: Hamas softens stance on Israel

Could this be the beginning of a Palestinian Congress of the People?

Israel is an apartheid state. Dump the report, says UN

Five decades later, and the UN’s powerful Western nations are, again, protecting an apartheid regime.

Hamas committed to a just solution

The Palestinian group says it is the occupation, not Jews or Judaism, that is the problem.

Israeli Apartheid Week: For and against

Israel's domination of Palestinians fits the apartheid bill, writes Suraya Dadoo. Activist Bassem Eid presents a counter-narrative to Michael Coetzee.

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