Tanya Gold
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/ 13 July 2005

Where are our women superheroes?

Batman has flapped to the top of the charts, with -million in his vault. Superman returns next year — it is easy to believe that we are being held hostage by a quango of preening male superheroes. If little boys have the Bat and the alien that wears turquoise tights, who can little girls admire?

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/ 9 February 2005

‘I’m available – swallow me’

When Marilyn Monroe lay dying in Hollywood, I doubt she guessed her poisonous legacy. Kennedy’s “lollipop” could act; they just wanted the glistening pout. The planet may have changed since 1962 but Tinsel Town hasn’t. The proof will be staring out of magazine racks from Friday when the March “Hollywood” edition of Vanity Fair – the glossy with a frontal lobe – will be ready for its close-up.