Tanya Gold

Bartoli: Sexism in sport is spite and lust

The BBC commentator who denigrated tennis player Marion Bartoli is part of a wider culture, writes Tanya Gold.

Porn is like meat: Ask how it is made before consuming it

On the issue of porn, Tanya Gold is with the Saudi Arabians: the freedom to watch a woman gag on a penis is not one she cherishes.

‘Twilight’: The S&M fantasy for teens

The "Twilight" novels have sold more than 100-million copies and are considered so significant that the Vatican has attacked them.

The royals Katerpult to glory

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, is topless in the French magazine Closer - and it is too close. The duchess is no feminist, or anything like one.

Shame about the Oscars

As the film awards approach, our fatal attraction to Brad Pitt et al grows as interest in their films lessens.

Yes, but what does it all mean?

The release of the final film featuring Harry Potter is being treated as a momentous cultural event. What is his significance?

How to stop punching pot plants

Meditation apparently works wonders for anger, anxiety and depression. But could it rid <em>Tanya Gold</em> of her Incredible Hulk-like rages?

Death of the actor

The interesting thing about the biggest films of 2009 is that they have no recognisable stars, or the stars who do appear are not the main drawcard.

Where are our women superheroes?

Batman has flapped to the top of the charts, with -million in his vault. Superman returns next year -- it is easy to believe that we are being held hostage by a quango of preening male superheroes. If little boys have the Bat and the alien that wears turquoise tights, who can little girls admire?

‘I’m available – swallow me’

When Marilyn Monroe lay dying in Hollywood, I doubt she guessed her poisonous legacy. Kennedy's “lollipop'' could act; they just wanted the glistening pout. The planet may have changed since 1962 but Tinsel Town hasn't. The proof will be staring out of magazine racks from Friday when the March “Hollywood'' edition of Vanity Fair - the glossy with a frontal lobe - will be ready for its close-up.

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