Tiffany Kagure Mugo

Sexual scribbling: A short list of new and classic literature on sex

Author and sex activist Tiffany Kagure Mugo shares some pivotal reading on sex, including books she has authored or compiled

The Portfolio: Sex writer Tiffany Kagure Mugo

Writing about sex has come a long way from the advice dished out by the local ‘married Aunty’. At times, Tiffany Mugo has felt like she’s faking it

Keep sexual frustration in check during isolation

Don’t let your libido get the better of you and keep your sex extra safe, by staying home

Kegel exercises aren’t solely for people with vaginas

Often people think that kegels are targeted solely at women who want to increase the tightness of their vagina, whereas in fact the exercises are for everyone who wants to engage in better sex

Cyberflashing: Get your dick off my phone

It’s the tech version of the street corner flasher — or a man hoping you’ll reciprocate with a clit pic

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