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Platini: Blatter lied about plans to let go of power

Uefa president Michel Platini says Sepp Blatter is desperately clinging to the reins of power because he is scared of life outside of Fifa.

FBI releases footage of Boston bombing suspects

The FBI has released pictures and a video of two men suspected of planting the Boston marathon bombs, appealing for help to identify the pair.

Taliban denies involvement in Boston Marathon blasts

Pakistan's Taliban, which claimed the 2010 Times Square bomb plot, has denied responsibility for the explosions that killed three people in Boston.

LRA poach ivory as hunt for Kony intensifies

LRA rebels are killing elephants for ivory to raise cash as an international hunt for their leader intensifies, say diplomats and activists.

Syrian rebels threaten more violence should sanction bid fail

The Syrian opposition has vowed to confront Bashar al-Assad directly if the UN fails to vote in favour of imposing sanctions upon his regime.

Double-veto blocks UN resolution on Syria

Russia and China have blocked a UN Security Council resolution condemning Syria, hours after the country's forces bombed Homs, killing hundreds.

New ICC war crimes prosecutor up for a tough time

Gambia's Fatou Bensouda will be elected the ICC's chief prosecutor as the hunt for war criminals and genocidal masterminds becomes more political.

Ban Ki-moon set for second term as UN secretary-general

The UN General Assembly is poised to elect South Korean Ban Ki-moon to a second term as the UN's secretary general.

Paris summit mulls Libya military strikes

US, European, Arab and African leaders gather in Paris on Saturday for a summit on Libya with the threat of military strikes growing more intense.

UN aims to bring Somalia off the ‘forgotten’ list

The international community will on Thursday again try to rally to the cause of war-torn Somalia's UN-backed government.

Leader named and shamed, but still lording it over DRC

He has been shamed by the UN, accused of murder, rape and abusing child soldiers in the DRC, but nothing it seems can stop Innocent Zimurinda.

UN troops to be moved to Sudanese border

United Nations troops are to be moved to the tense north-south Sudan frontier to head off violence ahead of a referendum.

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