Zarina Geloo

Edgar Lungu: Zambia’s youthful president

Zambia's new president Edgar Lungu has a minority mandate. Less than half of the registered voters made their mark, and he faces new polls in 2016.

Things fall apart as Zambia tries to elect a new president

Zambia’s forthcoming presidential by-election is not cut and dried. Defence Minister Edgar Lungu is calling for a general conference.

Confusion rules in Zambia

Since Michael Sata's death, the ruling party has witnessed an unprecedented fight for the ­presidency, which has also drawn in members of his family.

Sata’s son quits race for Zambian presidency

Mulenga, son of late Zambian president Michael Sata, has withdrawn his candidature for presidency of the Patriotic Front.

The dying abroad of African leaders

The story is not that Zambia now has a white acting president, the real and tragic story is why do Zambian presidents choose to die abroad?

Zambia row puts hospital project on ice

A vital 'SA-style' facility for Lusaka is on hold while its pugnacious backer and the IDC squabble.

Moeletsi Mbeki’s trust issues revisited

The oversight role of business figure and political analyst Moeletsi Mbeki is to come under new scrutiny at an insolvency hearing.

Bitter tussle over Moeletsi Mbeki mansion

Moeletsi Mbeki's former lover is fighting his attempt to evict her and her children from their R3-million home.

Zambian politics trip up FirstRand

Shareholders of Finance Bank are contesting the legality of FNB's doomed acquisition in 2011.

Scorned first lady makes a name for herself in politics

Former Zambian first lady Vera Tembo (formerly Chiluba) showed her resilience in last week's general elections, winning a parliamentary seat for the Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD). She is the first woman to hold that seat, located in the heartland of the United National Independence Party opposition stronghold.

Failing system gives rise to new industry

Martin Mubanga's parents have changed his school twice this year because he was forced to share 'overcrowded” classrooms with 14 other learners.'What's the point...

In the Zambian dock, it’s good to be a man

In Zambia, the battle for equality between men and women is being waged on many fronts -- not least concerning the sentences handed down by courts. Men who kill their wives in this Southern African country are typically charged with manslaughter, rather than the more serious crime of murder.

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