/ 28 February 2023

Objects of Desire: Pretty Pastels

In the pink: A pretty take on the classic Chanel flap bag.

Sweet shades of pink, pretty lilacs and calming baby blues bring a little joyful inspiration to prepping for the shorter, cooler days. 

The new black 

For lack of a better description, Chanel’s collections have been super-wacky since the death of Karl Lagerfeld in February 2019. However, the classic Chanel flap bag has stood the test of time since its creation in 1983. Carried by everyone from models to larney housewives and Ivy League nepo-babies, the bag comes in a sweet and dainty pink, deviating from the usual black. Available through Chanel .

Out of this world 

In an ever-so-slight shift from colourful frills to sleeker pastels, the Jacquie Aiche Onyx and Opal Starry Galaxy necklace is down to earth. Available in 4-karat yellow, rose or white gold, the soft yet dazzling opalescent hues beam a delicately celestial energy. Available through Jacquie Aiche

Beam me up!

A Japanese term to describe light filtering through the trees, the luxurious Komorebi soy-wax candle from Stokperd packs a punch. The grapefruit scent hones your thoughts like a beam of cosmic energy shining through leafy trees, while the soothing rose geranium levels you onto a plateau of calm. Available through Stockperd

Family matters

South African design house Ananta Studios has turned to the beading nonprofit Monkey Biz to put the fun in functional. The Maata Pita — Mother and Father — table lamps are a funkier take on the traditional masculine exposed-bulb lamp. Even better, the pieces are bespoke and no colour combo is off the table. Bring on the pastels! Available through Always Welcome.