/ 3 May 2022

PODCAST| Want to live longer? Here’s an exercise guide for young and old

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Should you exercise a lot, or a little? Should it be in the morning or at night? Follow this easy guide to heart health

Exercise fads come and go, but one equation stands the test of time, says sports medicine expert Jon Patricios. Here’s how to get the most out of your exercise session using @bhekisisa.health.

Be wary of exercise fads that say you should exercise less, rather than more. Listen to this podcast with Mia Malan and Patricios to find out how to keep your heart healthy.

Have you heard of the 150-300 minutes rule? That’s how much you should be exercising each week. It amounts to about half an hour five times a week. Intrigued? Find out more in Q&A with Mia Malan via @bhekisisa.health.


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