/ 2 February 2022

SIU data explorer: The people and firms in the Covid procurement scandal

The SIU’s report shows that, from April 2020 to September 2021, the state spent more than R152.5-billion in Covid-19 procurement, and the unit investigated graft valued at R14.4-billion, or 9.4% of the total spend

The Special Investigating Unit’s (SIU’s) report to President Cyril Ramaphosa on Covid-19 equipment and services procurement ran to a whopping 737 pages of highly detailed information about reports made and action taken. It’s well worth a read if you have time — but since you probably don’t, we’ve taken the liberty of making the salient points easier to get to.

We’ve covered the R7.9-billion corruption in some detail, and the sordid details of how the country was taken for a ride in its time of need by many people in the government and the private sector. In all, at the time the report was written, the SIU had found irregularities in 2 803 contracts, and made 943 referrals for administrative or criminal actions to be taken. The report breaks these down into just under 230 specific cases, which it identified in the regions below.

There are some standout offenders in the cases themselves. Gauteng’s Depertment of Health tops the list by a considerable margin.

You can dig into it further. This table is the complete list of actions reported — and remember, there are probably more to come. You can sort it by column or search for individuals and organisations using the controls provided.