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Township reconstruction: The blueprint for a post-looting economy

Don’t rebuild malls. They draw in a lot of energy and money, but give back little

Half of KZN patients have no chronic medication. Here’s how looting affected SA’s Covid-19 vaccine roll-out

Vaccines were stolen and many urban vaccine sites had to close as Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal erupted into chaos this past week. The biggest loss however is not vaccines, but the chronic medicines that were looted leaving those with HIV, cancer and diabetes without their medication

Phase Two: looting was just the start say investigators and intelligence

‘A serious military operation is yet to come. Once you disrupt Soweto, you have the attention of the country and the world’

KwaZulu-Natal communities hold the line against looting

As the looting continues in some parts of KwaZulu Natal, other parts are fighting back and yet others have been left with nothing

FoodForward SA to resume operations on Friday after R8m worth of losses from looting and vandalism

The organisation serves 1 250 registered organisations around South Africa, including old age homes, homeless people shelters, centres for abused women, orphanages and healthcare facilities, providing food for 650 000 people daily

Arrests, deaths double as isolated looting and vandalism spread beyond Gauteng and KZN

Natjoints reports 1 234 arrests, including two police reservists and N Cape and Mpumalanga offenders

Looting, vandalism: ‘I don’t know how I am going to survive,’ says Diepkloof street vendor

People plundering shops and malls has spread, leaving a trail of devastation and loss of income and jobs

Western Cape taxi violence claims more lives, wary residents eye looting in Gauteng and KZN

The ongoing taxi war in the Western Cape claimed the lives of three more people on Tuesday as the province braces itself for the possibility of the looting that has rocked Gauteng and KwaZulu-Nata

Private security companies the ‘eyes and ears’ for police on public violence and looting

The private security guards were also first responders in some cases, and their helicopters provided information on emerging hotspots

Soweto businesses vandalised, robbed as looting and violence spreads

The pillaging and destruction, which started in KwaZulu-Natal in reaction to former president Jacob Zuma’s incarceration, has been hijacked by residents and non-ANC members

Commander-in-Chief deploys the army to help police curb looting in provinces

Ramaphosa said opportunistic acts of criminality had no grievance or political cause that can justify violence and destruction

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