/ 8 December 2023

Ladles of Love touches the lives of millions

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Fill-A-Pot for R300, feed 100 people in need, and stand a chance to win a set of Le Creuset pots

Food for over 41 million meals has been provided to date by NPO Ladles of Love, which grew exponentially during 2020 to meet the needs of impoverished people.  The organisation is concerned about the festive season, in light of the abject poverty and resultant hunger affecting millions of people living in our communities.

Founder and Director Danny Diliberto says: “The need for food is growing and believe me I see it every day, the lines of people experiencing hunger are longer now than in 2020. So our challenge is, how do we raise enough money to provide food relief to our most vulnerable? Especially when you consider our tough economy and the price of staple foods reaching an all-time high.”

Ladles of Love has a hands-on approach in impoverished communities, supporting and working closely with the leaders of their network of soup kitchens. Their primary focus is nourishing children and are in the know when it comes to problems parents have when it comes to meeting the needs of the little ones.

To address the situation, Ladles of Love created a fundraising campaign that aims to instill hope where there is fear, love where there is uncertainty, and peace where there is turmoil.  

The organisation commissioned six cute charismatic kids from the diverse communities they serve to bring their festive season message of “love, joy and peace to all” to life, in a beautiful way. Food is the language of love and whether you are giving or receiving, this campaign works for everyone.

For anyone wanting to gift meals to struggling families this season, the Ladles of Love call-to-action is simple. Fill-A-Pot for R300 and feed 100 people in need and in return for your kindness, you will receive a competition entry to win a stunning set of Le Creuset pots. 

Ladles of Love Programme Director Yolanda Jones says: “During the festive season there are hundreds and thousands of families in communities close to where we live  whose cupboards are bare. It would be a wonderful gesture of kindness if people could buy a Fill-A-Pot voucher and help us bring love, joy and peace to our communities in need.”

Stats SA’s March 23 figures show that 7 800 000 people in SA know hunger. This may seem like a disheartening figure but Diliberto refuses to let this daunt their mission, which is to support a network of more than 200 community soup kitchens and 70 ECD Centres with nutritious food.

As a PBO, Ladles of Love is qualified to issue section 18A Tax certificates to all individuals and companies buying two or more Fill-A-Pot vouchers from their online store.

For more information, visit LadlesofLove.org.za or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. For bespoke corporate Fill-A-Pot packages email: Mbali Kewuti on [email protected]