/ 21 December 2023

The Singleton and Medellin Barber Cartel join forces: A fusion of whisky and grooming excellence


Two outstanding brands partner up to create a unique experience

In a tasteful and distinctive collaboration, The Singleton, a globally acclaimed single malt scotch whisky, has joined hands with the Medellin Barber Cartel to introduce a bold and unapologetic flavour to the male grooming scene.

The partnership is not just a business move; it’s a meeting of philosophies. Both The Singleton and Medellin share the belief of “swimming against the tide”, embracing the value of breaking away from conventions, forging unique paths, and standing proudly by their individual identities.

Savour life with The Singleton

The Singleton, renowned for its premium single malt whisky, advocates for savouring life in one’s own way.

Through this collaboration, The Medellin Barber Cartel aims to demonstrate to the South African market just how accessible and enjoyable this premium experience can be.

The Singleton is driven by a love and passion for making perfectly balanced, smooth yet rich whisky that is delicious from the very first sip. The brand represents a commitment to taste, not complexity, and takes more time and care every step of the way, even before the aging process begins.

The Singleton attracts single malt drinkers who are lovers of good taste, the chasers of the finer
things in life — not for status or ego, but because they seek out moments of absolute enjoyment.

It is these bold brand values that have given birth to this incredible partnership where shared commitments are found.

Medellin’s unique customer experience

The Medellin Barber Cartel’s success story is rooted in its decision to defy the norm and disrupt the traditional barber shop offering. At its core, the Medellin philosophy is customer-centric, identifying a market gap for a comprehensive male grooming service that goes beyond the ordinary.

Their goal is to provide customers with a holistic “me-time” experience in an environment that fosters inclusivity, integrity, and personal growth. Services range from cut and style to hot towel shaves, fades, head art, and more.

What sets Medellin apart is its commitment to delivering an exceptional all-round experience. From complimentary servings of The Singleton as a daily customer treat to highly skilled and engaging personnel and world-class products, Medellin staff strive to make each visit memorable, weaving it seamlessly into their clients’
grooming routines.

The brand’s energy stays vibrant as all staff actively contribute ideas, feedback, and recommendations, ensuring adaptability and a high-quality experience.

Shared values

In parallel, The Singleton’s roots paint a similar picture of passion, emotion, enjoyment and collaboration of our extraordinary distillery team, bringing The Singleton’s obsession for slow craft and the timeless traditions of whisky-making to life in beautiful detail.

This unique partnership comes to life within the Medellin outlets, currently numbering 17 across the country. Monthly tasting events showcase The Singleton, served either on the rocks or in signature cocktails such as classics: Whisky sours and the Old fashioned, allowing customers to savour the superior service of the Medellin experience.

Stay tuned to both brands’ social media handles for announcements about these exclusive events coming to your neighborhood!

Whiskey and barbering, each with a rich history spanning centuries, find a harmonious fusion in this collaboration. The message is clear: even traditions that have stood the test of time can be approached in new and intriguing ways.

Stamp your personality, philosophy, and values onto your brand, proving that true success lies in following your instincts and purposefully swimming upstream.

To find out where your nearest Medellin Barber Cartel franchise is, visit www.medellin.co.za

Learn more about the history of The Singleton at www.thesingleton.com