/ 26 January 2024

Turkish language course in the heart of Johannesburg

Dis Cephe
The Yunus Emre Institute in Oaklands, Johannesburg, is named after a famous Turkish poet.

All Yunus Emre Institute activities are based on universal human values

When visiting the Yunus Emre Institute and Turkish Cultural Centre, one may participate in a variety of cultural activities, national day celebrations and art classes, as well as Turkish language instruction from an expert from Türkiye.

Learning about Yunus Emre and how the institute was named after him is fascinating. He was an Anatolian Turkish poet from the 13th and 14th centuries who is most renowned for his representation of human values, love and social peace. This great man not only contributed to the development of Turkish language with his poems, but also used his philosophy, which is based on universal human values, to encourage people to live together in peace and harmony, with common values that entail no discrimination against religion, language or race. One objective set by the Yunus Emre Enstitüsü is to maintain this basic philosophy in all activities and spheres of interest.

The institute has Turkish language courses which have been offered since 2017 in Johannesburg in a peaceful environment, for people who would like to learn Turkish or improve their Turkish language. The programme is scheduled twice a year for two terms by the institute and is taught by a Turkish language teacher.

Each term is 72 hours, or about four months. Classes are held on a weekly basis from Monday to Friday, and students attend twice a week. Anyone aged 16 years and older can register for the Turkish language course.

The children who attend the kids club are enthusiastic as they are taught with age-appropriate material and have fun while learning.

There are many advantages in studying Turkish, such as being able to socialise with friends and communicate with businesses in Türkiye. There is also the added benefit of being able to apply to study in Türkiye with a fully funded scholarships programme. When the Turkish summer school is offered, scholars also have the opportunity to apply for this fun and educational six-week programme.

Online courses, for those who don’t reside in Johannesburg, begin on 4 February 2024. All you need to do is to visit http://turkce.yee.org.tr, click the “online’’ button , complete the application form, review your details and begin your course.

Apart from the language courses, the Yunus Emre Institute hosts a variety of activities and events, with the aim of improving the friendship between Türkiye and South Africa. Following social media will keep you updated on these activities.

For more information visit yeejoburg social media accounts, click on https://johannesburg.yee.org.tr/en/corporate/yunus-emre-institute or email [email protected]