/ 16 February 2024

Can you play DraftKings in South Africa?

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Unfortunately not yet, but future prospects are looking good 

So, you’re nestled comfortably in South Africa, the land of the Springboks, braais, and, of course, the majestic Table Mountain. 

But amid the wonders, a question bubbles up in your mind: can one indulge in the DraftKings spectacle from this southern tip of Africa? Ah, a quest for knowledge, peppered with a dash of gambling curiosity!

Unravelling the mystery

First things first, let’s tackle the elephant in the room — no, not an actual elephant (we’re in South Africa, but let’s not get carried away). 

The question is: is DraftKings a guest at the South African online party? Well, to cut to the chase, DraftKings, in its full fantasy sports glory, does not officially list South Africa as one of its available territories. 

But before you let out a sigh of despair, let’s not forget the age-old adage: where there’s a will, there’s a VPN … or was it a way?

Is it legal to bet on sports in South Africa?

Is it legal to throw your hard-earned Rand into the sports betting arena? The short answer, much to the delight of punters from Limpopo to the Cape of Good Hope, is a resounding yes. South Africa, unlike its coy stance on fantasy sports, strides into the sports betting scene with laws clearer than a Highveld sky. 

The National Gambling Act and its subsequent updates have rolled out the green carpet for sports betting, both online and in brick-and-mortar establishments, as long as they’re licensed faster than a cheetah on the hunt. 

So, whether you’re betting on the Springboks to bring home another Rugby World Cup or on the Proteas to finally clinch a Cricket World Cup, rest assured, your legal bases are covered. 

With that said, even though online betting is legal in South Africa, you need to find a licensed bookmaker from the provincial gambling boards.

Can you access DraftKings?

Unfortunately, no. While in the US you can access it in many states and find incentives with a DraftKings Casino PA promo code, South Africans don’t have the same luck.

However, DraftKings has already established its technologies in the region. DraftKings and Peermont Hotels, Gaming, and Resorts, a major South African gaming and hospitality firm, have announced the successful launch of PalaceBet, a mobile and online sportsbook powered by DraftKings’ advanced B2B sports betting technology.

Peermont will use DraftKings’ comprehensive sportsbook and platform solution to give a best-in-class sports betting experience to South African sports fans, who will have access to a variety of unique product features such as Your Bet and Pulse Betting. 

Data integrations with Betgenius and IMG will provide Peermont’s consumers with access to a diverse choice of local and international sports, including basketball, cricket, football, tennis and rugby, as well as live betting and lucky number options.

The legal safari

The legal landscape: South Africa’s stance on online gambling is akin to trying to nail jelly to the wall. The current legislation primarily focuses on traditional online gambling platforms, leaving a grey area the size of the Kalahari when it comes to fantasy sports.

SA regulations: The National Gambling Act of 2004 and its amendments are the main scripts in this drama. They’re like that strict parent who’s not entirely sure what you’re up to on the internet but has a set of rules anyway.

DraftKings: The forbidden fruit?

Let’s be real; accessing DraftKings from South Africa might feel a bit like sneaking into a secret society. 

But is it worth the cloak-and-dagger effort? Here’s the kicker: while accessing the platform through less-than-official means (read: VPNs) might seem like a solution, it’s akin to playing hopscotch in a minefield. You might get through unscathed, or you might not.


It’s not the end of the road. There are a few alternatives.

Fear not, for the spirit of competition thrives in South Africa, with local alternatives popping up faster than mushrooms after a thunderstorm. These platforms may not have the DraftKings branding, but think of them as the biltong to your craving for American beef jerky — different, yet satisfying.

Will DraftKings be accessible in the future?

With the global expansion of fantasy sports, it’s only a matter of time before giants like DraftKings glance toward South Africa with a twinkle in their eyes.

As South African laws evolve (at the pace of a leisurely Sunday afternoon drive), the doors might just swing open for international fantasy sports platforms.

Final words

In conclusion, while DraftKings might currently be playing hard to get for South Africans, the world of online fantasy sports is as dynamic as a Proteas’ batting lineup in a T20 match. Who knows? One day, DraftKings might just land in South Africa, ready to join the party with a vuvuzela in hand.

Until then, keep your wits sharp and your VPN sharper (or maybe just support local platforms and keep it all above board). 

The quest for fantasy sports glory in South Africa continues, with or without DraftKings. And who knows, in this vibrant nation, the next big thing in fantasy sports might just spring from local soil, proving once again that necessity is the mother of invention — or in this case, the godmother of local gaming platforms.