/ 12 March 2024

Mobicel launches IX Series smartphones

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Celebrating local manufacturing and digital empowerment in South Africa

At an illustrious event held at Langham’s in Fourways, Mobicel, a trailblazer in mobile technology, proudly unveiled its latest innovation, the IX Series of smartphones. The event, graced by prominent celebrities and leading influencers, was not just a showcase of Mobicel’s latest technological advancements but also a celebration of its commitment to innovation, affordability, and empowering the South African community.

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The IX Series, led by the flagship IX Plus, is a testament to Mobicel’s dedication to providing high-quality, accessible technology. With a 50MP camera and premium design finishes, the IX Plus, alongside the IX Pro and the IX, ensures there’s a Mobicel device suited to every preference and budget. The IX Plus is available at R1 999, the IX Pro at R1 499, and the IX at an incredibly accessible R999, embodying Mobicel’s mission to make advanced technology available to all.

During the event, Mobicel also took the opportunity to spotlight its state-of-the-art local production facility in Johannesburg. This facility, which is notably operated entirely by young South African women, has been instrumental in delivering high-quality devices to the market for four years. It stands as a proud symbol of Mobicel’s contributions to job creation, economic growth and the empowerment of women in the technology sector.

A highlight of the launch was an informative session presented by Mobicel, detailing the brand’s significant milestones over the years. Attendees were given an insightful look into how Mobicel has played a pivotal role in digitising the South African market and transitioning feature phone users to smartphones. This session underscored Mobicel’s impact on enhancing digital accessibility and connectivity across the nation, further emphasising the brand’s ethos of enabling consumers to “BE MORE.”

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Ridhwan Khan, CEO at Mobicel, remarked: “Our journey has been one of relentless innovation and deep commitment to our community. The IX Series launch and our celebration of local manufacturing excellence are milestones that reflect our dedication to not just leading in technology but also making a meaningful impact on society. We’re proud to share how far we’ve come in digitising South Africa and look forward to continuing to empower our customers with affordable, cutting-edge technology.”

The IX Series is now available for purchase at leading retailers nationwide. For more information about the IX Series and Mobicel’s initiatives in innovation and community empowerment, visit https://mobicel.co.za/.

About Mobicel

Mobicel is at the forefront of mobile technology, committed to delivering high-quality, affordable smartphones and devices. Focused on empowering consumers to “BE MORE,” Mobicel breaks down barriers in technology, making advanced devices accessible to everyone, while also supporting the local economy through its commitment to local manufacturing and job creation.