/ 27 May 2024

Time to get started on your Xiaomi Smart Home

Smart Home

Simplify your home management routines with the latest technology for a more comfortable life

The Xiaomi Smart Home is the home of the future. Xiaomi’s affordability, smart technology, energy efficiency and adaptability makes it the best choice for South African households. It provides solutions that enhance convenience, security and sustainability to significantly improve your lifestyle. The Mi Home app acts as a central hub for all your Wi-Fi connected devices, and its intuitive interface simplifies home management. Or, if you prefer, your Xiaomi home appliances are also compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Several products in your Xiaomi Smart Home are specially designed for South African situations. For example, the Mi air purifiers and humidifiers are particularly important for your family’s health given the poor air quality in many of our cities. Energy efficiency is a significant concern for South Africans due to the frequent load-shedding, but smart home users can schedule and remotely control their appliances, ensuring they are not left on unnecessarily, to help in managing electricity usage and to align with the global push towards more sustainable living practices. The rice cooker, air fryer and smart blender allow users to prepare food in healthy ways that suit your local lifestyle. Best of all, these products can be purchased at prices that suit middle-class and young families.

Xiaomi Smart Multifunctional Rice Cooker

New to the Xiaomi brand and smart appliance range, is the very first Xiaomi rice cooker. It features eight cooking functions allowing you to adjust temperature, cooking times, select rice types and select the desired texture of the rice. The rice cooker can be linked to the Mi Home app for smart control. It includes a 12-hour keep warm function, and a 24-hour delay timer.

Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer 6.5L

Improve your family’s health and cut down on fatty fried foods by nearly 90% with the Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer, which has the increased capacity of a 6.5L basket, allowing you to cook for up to six people. Cook a whole chicken, lock in the flavours and reduce cooking times to save electricity. It can be linked to the Xiaomi app for smart control and includes an ultra-versatile temperature range, between 40-220°C and a keep-warm function. Its 24-hour scheduling means that you can add the ingredients before you go to sleep — and breakfast will be ready when you awake. It features multiple cooking modes to air fry, bake, ferment and defrost, and it’s super-easy to clean; no mess, no fuss.

 Xiaomi Smart Blender

The Xiaomi Smart Blender is compatible with hot and cold mixes, so you can safely make both healthy smoothies and delicious soups in it. It includes nine adjustable blending settings, from slow to fast, and features a smart attribute setting and a function for recipes from the Mi Home app; just tap to get a recipe sent. It works for mixing, blending, juicing and crushing, and with its 800 to 950W heating power, you can whip up a hot drink in no time flat. The Smart Blender’s eight-blade multi-angle chopping means you can make crushed ice with ease and put the toughest ingredients in. Schedule the blender to get cracking up to 12 hours after you insert your favourite fruit or veggies.

Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro

The Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro is wireless and portable, and it includes a battery mode for those inconvenient load-shedding moments. Unlike conventional fans, the ultra-efficient double-layer fan blade creates a soft, natural breeze and the ultra-quiet functionality will enable you to sleep undisturbed. The energy saving mode helps to curb your electricity bill, and the charging indicator lets you know the battery level. Alter the stand easily for a desktop or free-standing floor fan. If you wish to change its settings or turn it off, use the AI voice control function, and, like the other Xiaomi Smart Home appliances, it can be connected to the Mi Home app for smart control.

Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2 Lite

Turn off South African heat by turning on your Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2 Lite with a simple voice command. This fan has a 12m range, so you don’t have to keep moving it around to benefit from its cooling power, and the height can be altered so it can stand on a desk or the floor. The powerful, high-performance motor provides stable rotation and drives seven blades,  and the meticulously designed fan housing channels the air flow to cool you effectively. The fan guards are easy to remove and clean. The rotation range is up to 90 degrees, and range and power will be remembered in the smart settings. Link up the Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2 Lite with the Xiaomi Smart Humidifier 2 for perfect air quality and flow, and control all of it with the Mi Home app.

Xiaomi Smart Tower Heater Lite

The Xiaomi Smart Tower Heater Lite will quietly start to heat your home in just three seconds with 2200W heating power. It includes a smart temperature control of between 22 and 28°C with

four heating modes to choose from — constant temperature mode, hot mode, warm mode and natural mode — which reduce your electricity costs. The 70 degree oscillating ventilation sounds like white noise while it evenly distributes heat. It is compact, lightweight and easy to move around; you can lift and carry it with one hand.  As with all Xiaomi Smart Home appliances, you can control the Xiaomi Smart Tower Heater Lite through the Mi Home app, as well as with voice control.

Xiaomi Smart Space Heater S

The Xiaomi Smart Space Heater S has two-way heat emission, which lets the warmth it generates spread evenly throughout the room; the heated air rises while the cool air comes down, producing a convective effect. You can customise your heating needs with six heat settings and four timers, which shut off automatically when the desired temperature is reached, reducing those expensive electricity bills. Portable and elegant, switch on the Xiaomi Smart Space Heater S with a voice command or through the Mi Home app, and the 2200W of power will quickly heat up your living space.

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Compact

The Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Compact cleans the air in your home and improves its quality. This includes the removals of allergens, which is great for your family’s sinus health, especially during season changes. The real-time air quality monitor shows the results you want: clean, breathable air for you and your children. The particulate matter sensor will automatically adjust the speed and quality of purification. Catch a good night’s sleep; the Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Compact has a low noise level of just 20dB and its low energy consumption means you can leave it on for long periods. Smart control from voice control or via the Mi Home app.

Xiaomi Smart Humidifier 2

The Xiaomi Smart Humidifier 2 moisturises the air in your home, with automatic humidity monitoring to prevent excess humidity. The UV-C ultraviolet rays eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, improving the health of your loved ones with a simple voice command. Its whisper-quiet operation means you can keep it running in any living space or your office. The 360 degree dual rotational mist dispenser evenly disperses moisture throughout the whole room, and you can add essential oils for a sumptuous, long-lasting aroma. The automatic mode can be enabled through the Mi Home app to maintain the humidity levels you desire.

As you purchase these appliances, you can create a Xiaomi ecosystem over time in your house, and let your appliances work to your routine. Arrive home from work to the perfect temperature, with a meal waiting ready for you. You deserve it!

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