/ 27 September 2023

The top five reasons why you should have a Xiaomi smart home

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Have your meal ready and your home cooled or warmed before you open your front door

You’re more likely than not to end up in a connected or smart home one day, whether you’d like to or not. Smart homes are increasingly being built smart from the ground up, as  this technology is becoming such an integral part of the home that architects are incorporating it into their designs from the beginning. Smart-home tech will soon be as essential as our plumbing, according to experts.

If this sounds too science fiction for you, or beyond your present means, think again. Xiaomi’s smart appliance range is more affordable than what the competition offers, and includes a large variety of home items that can be seamlessly joined together to form one networked solution for all your household needs. These smart home electronics are controllable in a variety of ways; one of the most popular is by using the Xiaomi Home app, which makes setting up schedules and controlling each device accessible with just a few taps on your smartphone.

The Xiaomi home appliances have a plethora of smart features to help you save today’s ultimate commodity — time — and manage your busy lifestyle. These features include app control, voice control, automation via scenes, scheduling, intelligent notifications, monitoring and remote access.

Here’s five reasons why you should consider upgrading and linking your home appliances into one synchronised package:

1 – Convenience

Xiaomi Smart Blender

The Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer 4L Pro can be loaded before you collect your kids and set to go on 15 minutes before you arrive home, so that your snacks are ready when you return. You’ll receive handy notifications to let you know exactly when you need to turn items or when the cooking process is completed. You can also select from pre-set cooking options so you don’t have to guess how long you need to put things in, or even save your own custom settings for your frequent favourites. Air frying is a far healthier alternative to regular frying, and this fryer can also ferment, defrost and bake fruits, vegetables and meat.

Create the perfect smoothie or soup with the Xiaomi Smart Blender, which you can connect to the Xiaomi Home app to schedule to start blending remotely. Find and send recipes from the cloud to unlock a whole new world of nutritious, delicious treats.

2 – Health

Xiaomi Smart Humidifier

If spring is a nightmare for you because of all the pollen flying around, think of buying a Xiaomi smart air purifier to breathe more easily. It protects your respiratory health and that of your children, especially infants, by keeping the air in your home clean and safe to breathe, thanks to a three-in-one filtration system that removes tiny particles of dust, smoke, fire and ash. Use the Xiaomi Home app from your smartphone to ensure it is turned on before you return home to enable purification, or use Hey Google and Alexa for voice control. Get a great night’s sleep by turning it onto Night Mode, which turns the display luminance to no-glare, and purification to no-noise.

To reduce harmful bacteria in your house, invest in the Xiaomi Smart Humidifier 2, which automatically adjusts to changes in the atmosphere to maintain optimum humidity. Its aromatherapy diffuser infuses the air with any essential oils you choose , while its floating plate structure moisturises the air to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. It also comes with silver ion antibacterial technology, a real boon for the flu season.

3 – Comfort

Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan

Stay warm next winter and in all future cold spells with the Xiaomi Smart Tower Heater Lite, a high-powered 2000W ceramic heater that heats up in a few seconds to quickly start changing the temperature around you. It has four different modes to create the optimal heat, and can be turned on remotely before you get home, so you walk into a home with a pleasant temperature after a long day at work. 

You could also opt for the Xiaomi Smart Space Heater S, which circulates convective hot air, to flow in both directions from the top and sides, creating an even airflow that is softer than that of an air conditioner, so you wake without dry eyes and throat in the morning. And when summer arrives, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 can be operated with the Xiaomi Home app, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, providing you with a finely controlled cool room via a hands-free smart experience.

4 – Safety

Xiaomi Smart Tower Heater

The Xiaomi smart appliance range enhances the safety of your home. For example, the  Smart Tower Heater Lite automatically shuts off power if it is tipped over, and its child lock protection feature prevents children from accidentally operating the device. This heater and the Xiaomi Smart Space Heater S will both turn off automatically if they overheat.

If you have started cooking you don’t have to worry about turning your Xiaomi air fryer off, as you can programme when you want it to cease operation, which reduces your stress and improves safety. Thanks to the smart technology of Xiaomi products, if you get held up at work, you can still take care of house matters through your phone. 

5 – Economy

Xiaomi Air Purifier

The Xiaomi heaters are smart enough to reduce power consumption automatically when they approach the target temperature that you have set for them, which reduces your electricity consumption. Compared to conventional filters, Xiaomi’s high-efficiency filters allow their air purifiers to generate less noise and consume less energy, by allowing more air flow to pass through the filter with the same cleaning efficiency. 

You’ll also save a fortune in doctor’s fees by using the Xiaomi humidifiers, due to their silver ion antibacterial technology and rotating mist dispensers, which rotate 360° to provide whole-room coverage without the need for constant repositioning. The Xiaomi smart technology is more silent than its competitors, and as we all know, a good night’s sleep has multiple benefits, enabling you to work more productively and enhancing your mood. 

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