Kenya’s top court reviews disputed bid to change constitution

The Supreme Court ruling on the proposed constitutional changes, expected after three days of hearings this week, may have major consequences for the August 9 presidential and parliamentary polls.

UN plans to use tourism to fight poverty

The World Tourism Organisation (WTO) and the UN Conference on Trade and Development (Unctad) have joined forces in a new initiative to promote tourism as a tool to eliminate poverty.

European Commission donates 15m food aid to Zambia

The European Commission said Tuesday it was donating 15-million euros to Zambia to buy 33 000 metric tons of corn in response to the country's food crisis.

Zimbabwe’s silent victims

Bonnie, a golden Labrador, wagged her tail playfully for the last time on Monday before succumbing to the veterinarian's lethal injection.

French troops move to calm Ivory Coast conflict

French troops on Sunday created a buffer zone stretching through the centre of Ivory Coast to secure a fragile ceasefire in a month-long uprising that has left rebels in control of half the west African nation.

Nepad must move from ‘vision to action’

African finance ministers urged haste on Sunday with putting the continent's economic development plan into action, warning it would falter otherwise.

Ravalomanana’s men march to victory

President Marc Ravalomanana of Madagascar has consolidated key territorial gains, and aside from violent incidents in one town, faced no opposition in his progress towards winning a power-struggle with former leader Didier Ratsiraka.

Madagascar’s ex-prime minister arrested

Soldiers loyal to Madagascar's new President Marc Ravalomanana have put former prime minister Tantely Andrianarivo under house arrest.

Error, negligence caused Tanzania’s rail smash

An investigation into a train crash in central Tanzania which killed 228 people found the accident was caused by human error and driver's negligence, the investigation team said on Wednesday.

Grassroots funding better way to aid Africa

Visiting US Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill said that aid to Africa was better used when channelled directly to grassroots-level community projects

Ravalomanana will have to use egg-shell democracy

MARC Ravalomanana was sworn in Monday as president of Madagascar in front of a vast crowd, even as his rivals declared his investiture illegal.

Aid is linked to democracy, warns European Parliament

A member of the European Parliament on Thursday warned there was a direct link between the availability of development aid to African countries and a commitment towards democracy and human rights on the continent.

In hospital, Angolan children sit at death’s door

The child moaning as he lies on a bit of dirty cloth on the hospital floor has more bone than flesh. He has no family, but his fate is shared by thousands of children, victims of the famine and poverty crippling Angola.

Ivory Coast rebels apologise for walk-out

Ivory Coast's rebels apologised to Togo's president on Sunday after walking out of peace talks, a withdrawal that raised fears of new fighting in West Africa's economic powerhouse.

Aids drugs trials win mixed reception in Nigeria

More than 20 people are gathered in the corridor outside Dr Remi Kalejaiye's clinic in a Lagos military hospital, waiting to take part in Africa's first serious attempt to head off an Aids/HIV epidemic.

Aids crisis: Mandela reveals some good news

Former president Nelson Mandela said on Thursday that while South Africa was in the midst of a serious Aids epidemic, a study he commissioned on HIV prevalence showed changing sexual practices, especially amongst the youth.

Unheralded and unnoticed, a nation is born

A new nation is being created, almost unnoticed, in troubled Horn of Africa.

Kaunda warned: Retire or you’ll be humiliated

Kenneth Kaunda's power is threatened.

Young lion prepares to challenge for leadership

Zambian elections: It looks like the end of the road for an African strong-man.