‘Thief in the night’ wrecks wheat crop

Temperatures ranging from as little 2C to as high as 38,5C within only three weeks had damaged one of the most promising South African wheat crops in years.

Hundreds of jobs to go at AOL as revenues fall

Troubled internet giant America Online (AOL) is set to cut hundreds of jobs in the US as part of a cost cutting drive to offset a sharp fall in advertising revenue.

Sturdy gold stocks drag SA bourse higher

South African gold stocks marched higher at the open on Monday as the price of the precious metal appeared ready for another rally this week, propping up the bourse in positive territory.

Golds prop up stocks on ‘messy Monday’ debut

South African stocks moved higher at the start on Monday, with gold offering support, but trading got off to a hesitant start with the bourse's launch of its new indexing system, dealers said.

ITA bill set to ‘revolutionise’ SA trade

When adopted by Parliament, the International Trade Administration Bill will revolutionise South African international trade.

Cocoa markets boil as Ivory Coast rebels advance

The global cocoa market is heating up on growing fears of supply disruption after rebels captured a key cocoa centre in top producer Ivory Coast, industry sources said on Monday.

US stocks rise in late rally fed by Biogen news

Stocks climbed on Thursday, boosted by strong orders for durable goods and a federal panel's approval of a new key drug of Biogen Inc.

US may be locked out of emmissions market

US companies could miss out on a potential multi-billion dollar market for trading greenhouse gas emission credits unless Washington signs a global treaty to reduce those heat-trapping gases.

Microsoft hearing enters third day

An attorney for Microsoft Corporation is arguing that the company shouldn't be slapped with a court injunction because of the popularity of Windows.

Pricewaterhouse agrees to settlement with IRS

In yet another blow to the US accounting profession's reputation, the Internal Revenue Service said that industry giant Pricewaterhouse Coopers has agreed to make a financial payment to settle issues over tax shelter advice it gave its clients in recent years.

Crunch time for Microsoft

The European Commission stepped closer to imposing -million a day fines on Microsoft on Monday when it gave the software group eight days to comply with sanctions imposed last year. Neelie Kroes, competition commissioner, said in Madrid: ''The deadline is the end of this month and if it's not met then it's the end of the game.''

Koeberg’s two faces

Eskom takes Eddie Koch on a tour to prove that Koeberg os perfectly safe ...