South Africa is offering its AstraZeneca vaccines to fellow African countries: Mkhize

Reselling the jabs will prevent money being wasted on a vaccine that is not particularly efficacious on the variant that is dominant in South Africa

16 sites on 17 February: Eight things you should know about SA’s J&J vaccine roll-out

Eighty thousand Johnson & Johnson jabs will arrive in South Africa on Tuesday and be taken to 16 sites where healthcare workers will be vaccinated

No silver bullet for Covid-19, but rather a cocktail

It is no good waiting for a vaccine or ivermectin or other miracle cures, we just need to do what we can do now

What does Mkhize have to say about the Cuban and Chinese vaccines?

South Africa could receive two million doses of the Coronavac vaccine from China, the health minister told parliament on Wednesday

Johnson & Johnson vaccines could arrive in South Africa next week

We spoke to experts, looked at the data and relistened to the health department’s briefings to break down the revised roll-out plan

Government must find alternatives to AstraZeneca vaccine, say unions

Unions representing healthcare workers advise members to get vaccinated despite AstraZeneca postponement

Jury still out on pregnant women getting a Covid jab

Few trials have been carried out on women expecting babies

Another Covid crisis: A vaccine apartheid endangering us all

The West bought billions of vaccines fast and cheap, leaving poorer nations paying through the nose for years to come

Most people with TB don’t seek treatment, HSRC survey finds

More men than women have tuberculosis and 82% are in the 15 to 24 age group

DA goes to court over government’s ‘tardy’ vaccine rollout strategy

Democratic Alliance drags the government to court, demanding a Covid-19 vaccination rollout plan.

Bill Gates, Big Pharma and entrenching the vaccine apartheid

Waiving intellectual property restrictions on Covid-19 vaccines could help the developing world. But India and South Africa’s pleas are falling on deaf ears

The vaccines arrive on Monday: Who will protect them and who will get them first?

The first batch of vaccines is almost here, but a top government adviser says achieving herd immunity by the end of the year is ‘unrealistic’

The barcoding gap: Can South Africa protect its Covid jabs from crime?

Full track and traceability of Covid-19 jabs won’t happen during South Africa’s vaccine roll-out, as the health department has not yet adopted the “overarching” system that would make this possible.

Vigilant eyes will monitor South Africa’s first batch of vaccines

The department of health is also negotiating with manufacturers other than AstraZeneca to secure more than one type of vaccine

Healthcare workers’ vaccines will be free

The Covid-19 vaccine has been declared a public good, which means that healthcare workers will not be expected to pay for it

Shonisani Lethole died due to negligence, ombud finds

Staff at Tembisa Hospital did not do their job in caring for the businessman, the health ombudsman finds, and orders an investigation

Covax will take excess doses of Covid vaccines off the hands of rich countries

The global initiative plans to deliver two billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines to developing nations

Be aware of the similarities between malaria and Covid-19, experts warn

Experts are warning clinicians to be careful when diagnosing Covid-19 — and to check for malaria as well

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