Eye health initiative helps 1.7-million South Africans

OneSight is fulfilling the UN goal to accelerate eye health to achieve Sustainable Development Goals

A to Z guide on HIV: The top 10 things to know from prevention to a possible cure

The HIV pandemic isn’t going anywhere until a cure is found. In the meantime, HIV clinicians say South Africa should protect its victories

Shabir Madhi: SA scientists were responsible when announcing Omicron

But the virologist urges caution before scientists make blanket public announcements that can lead to ‘hasty’ international decisions

The Covid-19 Omicron variant: What is known so far

As scientists scramble to learn more about it, infectious disease expert Professor Salim Abdool Karim says current vaccines are effective against the new variant

South Africa at the start of a Covid-19 vaccine the world has never seen

The World Health Organisation has enlisted a team of South African researchers to produce a new mRNA Covid-19 vaccine, but with no recipe to follow, it’s not an easy task

Need an abortion? Find clinics you can trust here

This database shows you where you can find safe family planning services near you. It’s verified two to four times a year by a dedicated team of data capturers and ‘secret shopper’ callers

Q&A Sessions: Heels to takkies, dresses to scrubs with Dr Tamaryn Green

Miss South Africa 2018 and Miss Universe runner-up Dr Tamaryn Green wants better working conditions for patients and doctors. As a TB and Covid-19 survivor herself, she talks to Denvor de Wee about her competitiveness, her love of nature and her imminent wedding

The ABCs of DIY vaccines: Why tech transfer is a big thing

A new World Health Organisation initiative is helping nations make their own vaccines, reducing their dependency on imports.

More malaria vaccines in the pipeline

Researchers are calling for more partnerships and funding for malaria programmes, while 2.3-million children in three African countries have already received a jab

Covid-19 fourth wave likely to be less severe, but caution still advised

Current models suggest the fourth wave will have fewer hospital admissions

Junior doctors ‘tired’ of placement travails

The health department is increasingly playing fiscal catch up each year as the trainee intake continues to swell

Africa’s first mRNA vaccine technology transfer hub gets to work

Africa currently has no vaccine technology hub, although there are six vaccine production facilities on the continent

Campaign against patent laws ‘causing barriers’ to life saving Covid-19, TB, HIV and cancer drugs

The Fix The Patent Laws Campaign wants Trade Minister Ebrahim Patel to publish amendments to the Patent Act to make all medication affordable

How South Africa’s ivermectin use slips through the cracks

There is less demand for ivermectin when South Africa is between Covid-19 waves. But nobody is tracking how many people may be using the animal formulation

Healthcare professionals want culpable homicide laws reviewed

Doctors say the threat of conviction — despite their best intentions — affects their mental health

Health professionals call for new systems to reduce food insecurity

Health professionals have called on leaders at COP26 to prioritise changing food systems to reduce their effect on the climate, as well as to prevent deaths

Put health at heart of climate agenda

Climate action will help avert ‘the biggest threat to humanity’, say global health organisations

Immunocompromised finally prioritised for Covid-19 booster shots

Organ recipients are at greater risk of death from Covid-19, while waiting lists for transplants grow