Secret Delmas papers row

Final-day wrangle over sacked assessor's affidavit.

And now it’s Mandela, LIB

Jailed African National Congress leader Nelson Mandela has obtained his LIB degree.

My friend, Nelson

A non-interview with the banned Govan Mbeki about the day when he last saw Nelson Mandela.

Mandela in pictures

His name is known around the globe, but his face has been unknown in his country. This week, all that changed.

Delmas – last message from the dock

After 446 days, the mammoth Delmas Treason trial ends in surprise verdicts.

Ex-detainee says: I was kidnapped in Swaziland – by an SA policeman

A recently released detainee has given a dramatic first-hand account of South African Police involvement in her gunpoint abduction from Swaziland.

Bester trial to resume in Potch

Charles Bester, 18, refuses to serve in the SADF on the grounds that he is a Christian.

‘Peace movement’ has begun, says released Toms

The solitary martyr is no longer alone. Conscientious objector Ivan Toms has been joined by others.

We’re back. And we’re still strong

We're back. We're still strong. And we're ready to carry on fighting.

Full Book Week programme …

The full Book Week programme -- Cape Town (Oct 31 to Nov 5) and Johannesburg (Nov 7 to 12).

From Monday: A fortnight of debate

The country's major literary events <em>the Weekly Mail</em> Book Week, will open in Cape Town on Monday -- October 31 and Johannesburg on November 7.

SA-bound Rushdie on style

Salman Rushdie was awarded the Booker in 1981 for <em>Midnight's Children</em> and the Prix du Meilleur Livre Stranger for his novel <em>Shame</em>.

Salman Rushdie to speak in SA

The Book Week starts in Cape Town's Baxter Theatre on October 31 and in Johannesburg's Market Theatre on November 7.

Winnie to help ‘streams of people’

Situated in Soweto's Industrial Park, the Mandela Family's Office has on its letterhead a photograph of Nelson Mandela.

Mandela today

As told by a colleague who spent three years with him. Journalist recently released after seven years in prison.

Exit the General: But don’t think Coetzee’s let go his power.

As the man at the centre of the State of Emergency, Coetzee has held one of the most powerful positions in the country.

The Invisibles

The price of being black tenant in a "whites only" area:

The proud soldier tells a court why he changed his mind

Mike Loewe told of fist, boot, stick and catapult attacks on residents in four townships.

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