Two million to face forced removal

The threat of forced removal still hangs over at least 2 000 000 people in South Africa today.

Power plays behind the mealie wars

So why did the Government dump the farmers?

Sordid Affairs

The menacing chili of Jamba has struck again.

Slow progress in union unity talks

Like the soap opera <em>Dallas</em> the trade union unity talks seem to lurch from season to season without ever reaching finality.

Welcome to the Weekly Mail

It was started by a group of journalists put on the streets by the closures of the <em>Rand Daily Mail</em> and the <em>Sunday Express</em>.

Disinvestors miss the point

This is why the scope for damage from "disinvestment" is less than many of those calling for it, or opposing it, seem to realise.

Detention deaths up since ’77

Detention-related deaths have increased dramatically despite assurances to the contrary by the Minister of Law and Order, Louis Le Grange.

Influx reforms ‘piecemeal’

Black political and civic organisations have reacted to the proposed changes in influx control by calling on the government to scrap influx control.

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