Inside the Kine consulate

Why we did it - the first interview with one of the Kine fugitives.

The Mail: One pen-stroke from closure

The Weekly Mail is one pen-stroke from closure.

One week from polls, rich crop of fraud claims

The prior voting system for the municipal elections has produced many ballots - and a rich crop of allegations of misconduct and fraud.

Police probe ‘kids in cages’ claim

Five youths claim they were held for 36 hours in a small police dogs' cage.

Salman Rushdie to speak in SA

The Book Week starts in Cape Town's Baxter Theatre on October 31 and in Johannesburg's Market Theatre on November 7.

The mystery buried in the Khanya wreck

The grim is that if the flames had reached the bombs, it would have looked far worse.

You can make it unhappen

On October 26, Stoffel Botha will decide whether to suspend the Weekly Mail.

Judgement today on Emergency challenge

Judgement will be given today deciding whether an Emergency regulation is valid.

Smiles for the Pope … but all this trip meant for Lesotho was shame

A mad, mad week in which an escape and a hijack overshadow PW's carefully planned trip ...

State offer to escaped UDF men: We’ll fly you abroad

Hours after three escaped detainees took refuge in the United States consul general's office in Johannesburg this week ...

Turn round PW, says Andries

The CP scoffs at the hand of peace.

Stoffel allows a Slovo quote

The Minister of Information, Stoffel van der Merwe, yesterday quoted a well-known South African political figure: Joe Slovo.

Labour’s Group Areas doublespeak

The Labour Party, which brought parliament to a standstill two weeks ago used the Act to force Africans out of a ''mixed'' area.

Militant Alex to discuss October votes plan

The Alexandra Civic Association (ACA) is considering a plan for possible participation in the October 26 municipal elections.

SADF in the dock

In the same week, three separate cases put a reluctant military under the spotlight.

Soweto ungoverned

The old catch-phrase was 'making the townships ungovernable'. This township is just plain non-governed ...

Your big Mail

As announced last week, the price of the Weekly Mail is now R1,50.

We won’t obey, say traders … and 23 are arrested

Johannesburg hawkers launched a civil disobedience campaign to defy restrictions on informal trading - and already 23 hawkers have been arrested.