Half-Nelson grip on the embassy

The move "will send a clear message to the world that those of us in the nation's capital fully support the efforts to free Mandela..."

Top-level probe into Renamo claim

The government has launched a top-level inquiry into allegations that members of the police have been co-opening with Renamo.

Secret SA plan for right-wing indaba

Their plan is to launch an international right-wing students' federation called "Youth for Freedom".

Rhema Ministeries South Africa

With the dedication of its new "super church" just north of Randpark Ridge, Rhema Ministeries South Africa is bound to become even more controversial.

Treason charges linked to unrest

The state's case against 22 treasons trialists who appeared in the Pretoria Magistrate's Court this week.

A giant hole in the city scenery

The city council's decision to blow up two of the cooling towers on June 16 has disturbed a good few people.

Legionnaire’s case in Jo’burg hospital

Kelvin Esterhuizen was admitted to the Johannesburg Hospital two weeks ago suffering from the mysterious new disease.

Maybe things happen faster in Africa

It was also a prophetic poster, because printed at the bottom was the legend "Everyday is June 16".

The world this week

<strong>Wednesday June 5</strong>: ... the US Congress overwhelmingly approved a bill imposing partial sanctions on South Africa.

Soweto tense for June 16 weekend

The ninth anniversary of the Soweto student uprising of 1976 will be commemorated this weekend in an atmosphere more tense than any previous June 16.

Major ANC indaba starts Sunday

The African National Congress begins an 11-day national consultative conference to review its programme and methods this Sunday, June 16.

The cock and bull show

Few give Zapu (symbol, a bull) any chance of unseating Mugabe's Zanu(symbol, a cock).

Sordid Affairs

The menacing chili of Jamba has struck again.

Welcome to the Weekly Mail

It was started by a group of journalists put on the streets by the closures of the <em>Rand Daily Mail</em> and the <em>Sunday Express</em>.

Detention deaths up since ’77

Detention-related deaths have increased dramatically despite assurances to the contrary by the Minister of Law and Order, Louis Le Grange.

Two million to face forced removal

The threat of forced removal still hangs over at least 2 000 000 people in South Africa today.

Power plays behind the mealie wars

So why did the Government dump the farmers?

Influx reforms ‘piecemeal’

Black political and civic organisations have reacted to the proposed changes in influx control by calling on the government to scrap influx control.