Delmas judge squashes defence plea

The trial is expected to last for at least another year.

Illegal yesterday, legal today

We present, courtesy of the Rand Supreme Court, the advert we were prevented from printing three weeks ago.

London call for Sisulu release

The organisation's London-based director, Professor Kevin Boyle, says the group is concerned by Walter Sisulu's detention.

Quietly in the shadows: Mandela’s eledest daughter

Makaziwe Mandela was nine when her father was sentenced to life imprisonment. Benjamin Pogrund speaks to Nelson Mandela's daughter.

Now Sisulu may face a blacklist

Detained New Nation editor Zwelakhe Sisulu may be blacklisted by credit bureaus because of this week's legal action to seize his home.

The Emergency made Simple

If you want to discuss anything that falls within the Emergency regulations, you had better phone the authorities for permission.

Fears, but NPU stands firm with the rest

The debate within the press about how best to counter government moves to impose new controls on dwindling press freedom raged with renewed intensity.

Pelted Winnie blames ‘system’

Winnie Mandela yesterday vehemently denounced Wednesday's "ignominious" attack on her outside the Cape Town Supreme Court as the work of "hooligan.

For Nelson Mandela

A polemic on behalf of the jailed black leader by the eminent American writer Susan Sontag.

Howe to see PW and Mandela

Howe said he did not yet know if a meeting with Mandela would be possible, but this was "one of the objectives" of his trip to South Africa.

Historic Weekly Mail birthday debate

The Weekly Mail will celebrate its first birthday next week by hosting an historic meeting.

Archive: The first legal photo of Mandela in 22 years

Everyone knows his name and what he stands for. But almost no-one knows what Nelson Mandela looks like.

Winnie denies violence call

Winnie Mandela yesterday denied she had called for violence when she made her controversial "necklaces and matches" speech.

Mandela: Advocate Bizos flies to Pollsmoor

Senior Advocate George Bizos was due to fly to Cape Town late yesterday for further consultations with Nelson Mandela in Pollsmoor Prison.

The spectre of Mandela haunts PW

That Nelson Mandela will soon be released from prison is common cause. Less certain is what effect this will have on the country. Anton Harber reports

Turn left at Nelson Mandela

The London borough of Southwark joined a growing list of towns and cities by naming a new road "Mandela Way".

The Cabinet splits over the stubborn prisoner Mandela

Three things emerge from the recent flurry of rumours that Nelson Mandela was about to be released from prison.

True confessions of a ruthless propagandist

Howard Barrell tells how he went off in search of Nelson Mandela's freedom and nearly lost his life.