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Special Reports

Lifting the status of South African design

More than 38000 people walked through the doors of last year's Design Indaba expo, resulting in a GDP contribution of R261-million.

Shifting shapes

Baskets with polo necks, slouchy vessels, giant sea-anemone pouffes - what is up with craft at this year's expo?

Leaders of the creative pack

The Design Indaba strives to bring the foremost contemporary thought leaders to South Africa each year.

Bringing global diversity to local shores

Initially known for its flagship conference and later the widely popular expo, Design Indaba has added to its creative offerings over the years.

Savings wake-up call for South Africa

From not earning enough or not having a desire to do so, the reasons given for South Africans not saving are myriad.

Race on to secure life after Kyoto

Concerned countries want a new phase of the protocol to kick in immediately after it expires, writes Fiona Macleod.

International Mandela Day

Hundreds of people in South Africa and other parts of the world came together to celebrate Mandela Day.

Coke and partners stick to Katlehong school

Thabo Tona Primary School is one of the schools Coca-Cola works with to provide learners with access to clean water and sanitation.

The man is an icon, the day is not

The South African expat community in New Zealand is huge, but Mandela Day is not. Donovan Jackson reports.

Aussies launch day kitchen for Madiba

Australians joined in Mandela Day through the launch of Mandela's Day Kitchen, a massive cook-up by 67 Australians and South Africans.

You do the maths

More than 900 students at 10 schools in Limpopo and the North West Province will have scientific calculators by the end of the year.

Madiba warms rainy UK

Britain might be under a blanket of cold rain and wind but people still managed to throw their hearts and souls into the Mandela Day philosophy.

Saving jobs takes hard work

A joint venture fund allows South African businesses to retain staff during tough times.

Creating jobs through efficiency

The Gro-E Scheme is the IDC's fund aimed at driving job creation.

Funding the green economy

A German-SA partnership has made money available for developing local green companies.

Innovating across industries

The Support Programme for Industrial Innovation, which has seen R574-million allocated since inception, is the oldest of the IDC's ring-fenced funds.

Supporting businesses in need

The economic downturn of the past few years has put a lot of local businesses under severe financial strain.

Transforming entrepreneurship

The IDC's Transformation and Entrepreneurship Scheme was set up in 2008 to finance marginalised groups in SA Instead of being one clump of money.