Special Reports

Reducing demand trumps creating capacity

Energy efficiency and a reduction in carbon emissions are at the top of most agendas around the globe, and no less so for the IDC.

IDC support making a real difference

With R90-million provided to South African companies under the IDC's Green Energy Efficiency Fund the results from these projects are being seen.

The green industry’s driving force

The Industrial Development Corporation has been mandated to support and develop the sector in the same way it backed the mining industry.

Sowing the green economy’s seeds

The vision of a green economy in South Africa is moving rapidly from fantasy to reality.

Innovation Summit 2012

The main purpose of the SA Innovation Summit is to create a platform to teach, learn and develop new models for thinking about innovation.

Eskom partners for energy solutions

Eskom's Dr Steve Lennon explains the company's involvement in the Innovation Summit

Creating South Africa’s competitive edge

South Africans felt jubilant when the Soccer World Cup showcased our nation. We did it ourselves.

Come down to the lab and see innovation brought to life

The 2nd Innovation Lab is sponsored by Sasol and will be curated by top South African brand consultants and pioneers in contextual thinking.

Africa’s competitive edge

Biomimicry is a new science of an ancient practice, inherent to all indigenous African cultures, of learning from and then emulating nature's genius.

Ten innovation principles from the human genome

The human genome project made the genetic code contained in every human cell publicly available for the first time in 2001.

Find new ideas in newspapers

Using the concept of reading the papers daily with the objective of finding innovative ideas, a new technique can easily be shown and taught.

Neuroscience explains innovative thinking

Innovation can be mapped in the brain. You can train your brain to become more effective and thus experience those eureka moments.

Of cars and kids

At the age of 30, Unathi Bhe-Kanda has made waves in a couple of male-dominated industries, has started her own business and made a success of it.

Women’s Month

Paying homage to women making a difference.

TUT’s new vice-chancellor takes office

The Tshwane University of Technology's new vice-chancellor and principal is the first female to be appointed to these positions in the history of TUT.

How women power communities

An equal society is better than a patriarchy; together, as men and women, we're stronger," says Dr Claudelle von Eck.

The female form’s artistic appeal

Among the women artists on exhibition at 20th Centuary Masters:the human figure are Valerie Jouve and Cindy Sherman.

Rape services under threat

Civil society services for rape survivors are being forced to scale back due to funding issues.