Special Reports


Number of employees 20666 (full time in SA only).

Unpacking the draft rules of empowerment

Changes to the BEE codes will affect all small businesses

What is Walmart’s R200m worth?

Local companies may be in for lucrative opportunities to supply the multinational retailer

British American Tobacco SA

Number of employees 2 132.


Number of employees 483 South Africa, 551 in the other Africa regions.

Tata Consultancy Services SA

Number of employees 350.


Number of employees 8 309


Number of employees 265.

Procter & Gamble

Number of employees 192.

Pfizer Laboratories

Number of employees 511.

Coca-Cola South Africa

Number of employees 198 full-time employees.

Mutual & Federal

Number of employees 2 400.


Number of employees 1 817.

Old Mutual (South Africa)

Name of organisation Old Mutual (South Africa).

Commission endorses continual development

The Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) and the real estate sector relocated from the Department of Trade and Industry to that of Human Settlements.

Untapped potential offers hope

This could translate into meaningful business opportunities for small and medium enterprises

Wholesale changes needed in industry

The commission that deliberated on the role and mandate of the Estate Agency Affairs Board attracted robust debate and discussion.

Towards inclusivity and integration

There is a need to educate people about the property industry and get more into the market