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This webinar was hosted by Bizzamm and the Mail & Guardian. It featured Melanie van Biljon, co-founder and CEO of Bizzamm and Yves Rivard, Bizzamm co-founder and business owner.

Bizzamm created its own document system to simplify business processes and create optimal functionality. There are more efficient ways to deal with data, whether it is legal or commercial, which free users up to do more important things with their time.

Templates on the web for basic stuff such as lease agreements, leave applications and employment contracts are often hard to find or understand and one is never sure who drew them up. Going to lawyers is expensive, so Bizzamm provides about 65 templates that are legally correct and can be accessed without having to be printed out; it’s an end-to-end management system. Such a system empowers people as they have access to what they need, and they know what they need to do, which creates better time efficiencies.

Security is a major issue these days — your accounts can be hacked, your confidential information and your money can be stolen. Not everybody knows what is safe and how to recognise scams. Always use encryption for your data and ensure it is stored in encrypted mediums. Passwords must always be stored in a hash format, which makes them really difficult to steal or copy. Your ports must be protected and your documents must be immutable; two-factor protection is always a good idea.

Melanie van Biljon is CEO and co-founder of Bizzamm

Bizzamm’s solution allows for electronic signatures, but not advanced electronic signatures. The company strives to comply with the Popia Act as far as possible. What makes a good document management system? Bizzamm’s system allows you to upload your own documents, to use templates, to create your own templates, and provides guidance within those templates; to upload your own logos and branding; to set roles so that your assign certain tasks to certain team members; to set permissions at certain levels, so that people are empowered but they don’t overreach; to be able to upload attachments, even if you are just using your phone; knowing that only authorised people can tamper with the templates;  there is a clear log of who did what and who approved what; and that there are validation checks.

Yves then did an onscreen demonstration to show what forms and packages are available from Bizzamm. Every template has a summary so users can decide if it is correct for them; many can be shared with other parties, and other parties can be invited to participate in creating documents; documents have quick views and full views for more detail; reminders can be set by users; examples are provided at certain places in documents for clarity; options can be selected from on drop-down menus; checklists are provided in case information is missing; changes made can be made visible, etcetera.

Webinar participants were able to do a full one-month trial where they could access the site and test it out. Yves and Melanie challenged webinar participants to come up with any business process, confident that their system has it covered! If not covered, a template will be included. Clients who buy their system can contact them for customer support, whether legal or business related. Their demonstration ended with showing how two parties can converse from different ends on a document, accept or query changes and sign off if all is confirmed and in order. On-screen demonstrations then followed to show how easy the system is to navigate, how to add collaborators, invite people to collaborate and the like.

If you have a better system, you will have better staff morale; admin is reduced and becomes more efficient and more time is available for more important things, which adds a lot of value.

For more information, visit: https://bizzamm.com/

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