Huawei Tech Summit 2021: Making technology the new driving force for the post-pandemic era

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Business leaders and ICT experts from across Southern Africa will convene from 17 to 19 March for the Huawei Tech Summit 2021, an online event to unpack the opportunities of digital transformation for African business. The event will share with you the changes, challenges and chances after the pandemic and how to win by leveraging the ICT technology in this era.


Making technology the new driving force for the post-pandemic era

The pandemic has brought great changes to the way organisations and enterprises run. There is a great demand for remote collaboration in different industries, such as online education, telemedicine, telecommuting and so on. As the foundations of this change, digital transformation has become one of the top needs for enterprises.

Digital transformation brings huge business opportunities to enterprises. However, the amazing data growth brought by digital transformation also poses great challenges to enterprises. Huawei predicts that by 2025, newly generated data will reach an unprecedented level of 9 ZB in southern Africa, which is far beyond today’s data processing capacity. 

It is important for business leaders to stay one step ahead and understand the challenges their organisations face or will be facing in the near future: how to establish a reliable and intelligent network to ensure service continuity? How to build a green, more reliable, and intelligent storage system to better release the value of data? How to construct an intelligent and green energy system to ensure business zero downtime and optimise energy consumption?

In order to answer all of these questions and bring inspiring insights on how to use the latest ICT technology to help the enterprises win in the post-pandemic era, Huawei will hold the Huawei Tech Summit from March 17-19. Come  join this summit online to explore trends and opportunities in industry digitalisation, and find out how to succeed in the new era!

Summit overview

Huawei Tech Summit will explore the latest trends in enterprise networking, data center storage and digital power. A series of inspiring products and solutions will be launched here. What’s more, industry leaders and top analysts will also come to share their insights and inform you on how to leverage the latest technology to win in the post-pandemic era.

Speaker line-up

  • Kevin Hu, President of Data Communication Product Line, Huawei
  • He Shi, Vice-President of Huawei Southern Africa Region, Huawei
  • Brandon Butler, Senior Research Analyst, Enterprise Networks, IDC
  • Gideon Serfontein, Chief Architect, ABSA
  • Matamela Aubrey Mashau, CTO of Network Solution Sales Department, Southern Africa Region, Huawei
  • Mahesh Choudhary, Solution Architect of Huawei Digital Power, Huawei
  • And other inspiring, mysterious guests …

The full agenda is available here, as well as links to numerous resources. Don’t miss this exciting summit!

Huawei highlights its role in world’s largest PV plant with smart PV solution

On 2020 September 26, Chinese state-owned utility Huanghe Hydropower Development (Huanghe Hydropower) successfully connected its 2.2GW PV plant to the power grid in Hainan Prefecture, northwestern China’s Qinghai province. With this, the 2.2GW project became the world’s first ultra-high voltage power line that delivers 100% renewable energy over long distances and also the world’s largest single-site renewable energy project built in the shortest construction time.

For Huanghe, the milestone project was a prestigious project not just in terms of size, but device selection, construction standards and technologies. The firm works with multiple partners to support and build a strong ecosystem for research and innovation. The partnership with Huawei was always going to be crucial, considering Huawei’s leadership in the inverter space, especially the string inverter space.

The grid-connected 2.2GW PV plant is located at an average altitude of over 3 000m. Built in five phases, it consists of 672 PV arrays with over seven million PV modules. Three 330kV booster stations were constructed and string inverters were installed. The cold, dry desert-like conditions were considered ideal for solar power generation.

Huawei claims to have provided 1.6GW inverters for this project, making it the single largest supplier. As the world’s first ultra-high voltage power line that delivers 100% renewable energy over long distances, the project requires inverters with high voltage ride-through (HVRT) capability to ensure the safety and stability of the power grid. Being the first to pass the GB/T 37408-2019 technical requirements for photovoltaic grid-connected inverters, Huawei’s claims that its smart string inverter supports short circuit ratio (SCR) as low as 1.5, without power derating during HVRT. It can also connect to weak grids and offers fault ride-through capability, guaranteeing stable operation in various grid environments.

Besides cutting-edge inverters, this project also draws on the benefits of several intelligent technologies, such as MBUS power carriers, Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis 4.0, smart electro-luminescence (EL) detection, integrated application of trackers, bifacial PV modules, smart inverters and smart PV plant management. These significantly optimise O&M efficiency, facilitate accurate fault prediction, and minimise the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE). Through joint innovation, Huanghe Hydropower and Huawei developed the industry-leading smart I-V diagnosis technology for global PV O&M, which has been adopted worldwide.

The Huanghe project, and several other joint projects, have had a significant impact on the testing, development, and demonstration of both home grown and global technologies in China. The scale of this project and the learnings from it will influence global best practices for some time to come.

Huawei is in a good place to deliver on this dream. As part of the Digital Power business, Huawei FusionSolar team will be sharing more insights at the up-coming Huawei Tech Summit on 17-19 March 2021. Register with us now, 

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