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Are you protecting your finances during these uncertain times?

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Liberty Lifestyle Protector offers a range of risk solutions that best suit your needs as your life evolves. It offers comprehensive cover that can be tailored to grow with your needs and provide the financial stability that you require at the different stages of your life. This may include landing your first professional job, getting married, welcoming a new baby, or in critical life events such as being diagnosed with a critical illness or being retrenched. Whatever unforeseen life events may happen, Liberty is in it with you, every step of your life journey.

Do you have enough cover to provide for your family? 

Liberty’s Life Cover benefit under Lifestyle Protector helps you plan for your family’s future and provides financial security for your loved ones should you no longer be around to provide for them. It ensures that your loved ones are taken care of in their time of need, and that they can live the life you planned for them beyond your passing. Our risk cover will give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Are you protecting your income to maintain your quality of living? 

Life’s unpredictable events are unavoidable, but securing your income will ensure that you can still earn a living while you make plans to get back on your feet. Liberty’s Income Protector benefit helps you take care of your finances when you are unable to earn an income due to disability or critical illness. We will cover your income and help you maintain your quality of life while you recover.

Have you considered the financial impact of a life-changing event? 

Liberty’s Living Lifestyle benefit helps you maintain your quality of life by paying for unforeseen costs that may come with life’s changing events. The unexpected happens when you’re busy living life. You could be diagnosed with a critical illness such as cancer, suffer from a stroke or heart attack, or have to adapt to a new way of living. Have you considered the financial impact of such a life-changing event? Liberty’s Living Lifestyle benefit under Lifestyle Protector helps you maintain your quality of life.

Is the income from your side hustle secured?

Various trends have emerged over time in the consumer market and one that we at Liberty have been responsive to is the trend towards the “side-hustle economy”. We recognise that the current work landscape is changing, and more South Africans are looking to create opportunities for second incomes to provide better financial stature. 

It’s a whole new world of work that needs to be insured in a different way, and the inconsistency of income that comes with owning a side hustle usually presents challenges and complexities for insurers like ourselves. At Liberty we have taken the challenge head on to offer an innovative solution where clients can cover two incomes under our Lifestyle Protector product suite.

Through our Dual Occupation cover, under our Income Protector benefit, we offer those clients with more than one source of income not only cover across two income streams, but also for events such as a disability or critical illness.

Are you being rewarded for staying healthy or fit?

Liberty’s Wellness Bonus benefit recognises your efforts towards living a healthy lifestyle. By adding the Wellness Bonus benefit to your Lifestyle Protector policy, you can get cashback benefits for the healthy lifestyle choices that you make. Our Wellness Bonus benefit gives you cash back on qualifying Lifestyle Protector premiums after five years and every year thereafter for participating in external wellness programmes recognised by Liberty.

Are you getting the right financial advice? 

*Research shows that people who have a Financial Adviser helping them navigate their financial journey have a healthier financial lifestyle and are better equipped to withstand the economic impact of unprecedented life events such as a pandemic.

Liberty encourages consumers to speak to a Liberty Financial Adviser to get professional advice and guidance  on how to  secure your financial future for you and your loved ones through a solid financial plan and fit for purpose risk and investment solutions .

We believe that during these economically stressful times, when we feel insecure about everything that’s happening around us, one thing that is constant is the need to protect your finances — and to speak to a Financial Adviser before making any significant financial decisions. At Liberty, we are committed to providing clients with certainty during uncertain times by being with them  during their moments of utmost vulnerability.

Speak to a Liberty Financial Adviser today.

*Research conducted by an external party on behalf of Liberty Group Ltd.


Liberty Group Ltd is the licensed Insurer of Lifestyle Protector and an Authorised Financial Services Provider in terms of the FAIS Act (no.2409). Terms and Conditions apply.

For more details about benefits, income definitions, guarantees, fees, limitations, charges, premiums or other conditions and associated risks, please speak to a Liberty Financial Adviser or your broker.

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