/ 22 October 2021

Founder and CEO of Rockets, Sean Barber, talks about when to expand your business

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The best entrepreneurs not only grow themselves and their businesses, but also help their staff realise their greatest potential.

Broadcast journalist Rofhiwa Madzena chats with Rockets founder and chief executive Sean Barber on understanding what it takes to grow your business and when to consider its expansion — even during the pandemic.

In this podcast, human capital is considered the most important tool to grow a business. Barber breaks down organic and acquisition human capital, and carefully untangles how they can break or grow a successful business; he considers it important to balance them for business growth.

Complimenting and promoting your staff is key for keeping them motivated and giving them avenues for growth. This keeps the business operating in the traditional operative model, but it doesn’t attract new customers. Bringing in an external source introduces new ideas that keep the business unique, efficient and competitive in the market.

“Human beings hate one thing: they hate change. They love what they know,” said Barber. He said it is possible to find the right mix by promoting from within and by acquiring fresh sets of eyes.

“You need to look after your own first before you look after someone who has just joined,” said Barber.